Athens Alumni | Edwin P.

Joanna Simos Assistant Director, Experiential Education


January 28, 2015

It is always a pleasure to hear from Athens Alumni!

Edwin joined us on the Athens Internship Program in Fall 2013 as a Physician's Assistant at Doctor's of the World, and participated in the Arcadia Blogs Abroad series. He assisted medical staff during daily examinations offering health support to ethnic minorities in the heart of Athens.

Here, Edwin shares some of his news and reflects on his time spent in Greece.

My experience at the DOW polyclinic was much more than just an internship. It was a completely immersive exploration of Greek society and current events. Through my conversations, I was able to learn so much, from the way the economic downturn affected the number of psychological patients to the state of the refugee crisis in Greece. By speaking with immigrant patients, I gained valuable insight into the way non-Greeks experienced the country, and by working alongside an incredibly talented staff, I learned everything from a surgeon's thought process to Greek work etiquette. The experience was rich in relationships and deeply thought provoking. I could not have received such an education anywhere else. So, I implore any prospective students to intern. As long as you are humble, hard working, and kind, amazing things will happen."