Musings on My Semester in Athens

Student Voices November 25, 2017

Destini Price is a Project Editor at the Publications Office of the American School of Classical Studies at Athens, located in Princeton, New Jersey. She was a student at the Arcadia Center during the spring 2010 semester. Upon completing her BA in Classics… More

You Know it's Summer When . . .

Jan Sanders June 21, 2017

It is always a treat to visit with students alums who come back to Greece on a holiday. It’s great to catch up with them, to meet their friends and partners and, most of all, to witness their excitement at being back and rediscovering some of their favorite… More

Unexpected Visitor

Jan Sanders March 29, 2017

How nice is it when an old student just pops in unannounced? This morning was made a little brighter by one of these unexpected visits, this one by Michael Dola who was a student in Athens in the spring of 2014. A classical studies major from Middlebury… More

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