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Happy 2,400th Birthday Aristotle!

Petros Santamouris October 28, 2016

As UNESCO proclaimed 2016 as the Aristotle Anniversary Year, the students of philosophy, ancient Greek and Latin celebrated with their faculty members Kostas Kalimtzis, Nikos Anterriotis and Myrto Malamou. They took to the road, destination: Stagira,… More

Retreating into Greek traditions

Petros Santamouris May 26, 2016

All classes at the Arcadia Center offer an adventurous academic excursion during the semester, and the Internship class is no different! Dr Joanna Simos invites students to the mystic island of Tinos and welcomes them to a traditional village house built… More

"Mou" Greek Adventure

Petros Santamouris April 28, 2016

Miranda who joined us last Fall, has managed to edit a myriad of clips from her whole semester experience into a single great recap of her greek adventure Studying away was such an amazing and thrilling experience, and reflecting back on it now makes… More

A (belated) thank you letter

Petros Santamouris April 26, 2016

Ilana joined the program last September and already feels the need to say that she has been changed by the whole experience. Here is her belated thank you letter!  I am not a goodbye person. So when it was my time to leave Athens, Greece after living… More

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