Joanna Simos


Assistant Director, Experiential Education

The Athens Carnival has begun!

Joanna Simos February 7, 2018

Arguably the most vibrant time of the year, Carnival has finally arrived! This year, carnival ends on 'Clean Monday',  19th February. The city annually offers multiple, daily events ranging from the re-enactment of traditions to concerts and musical… More

What do laughter and Ancient Greek have in common?

Joanna Simos September 15, 2017

Dr Nikos Anterriotis teaches Modern and Ancient Languages at the arcadia center and although the Classics can sometimes be a challenge, he always finds a way to bring laughter to the classroom.  Here, Dr Anterriotis elaborates on his most recent publication… More

Bringing excavated finds to life

Joanna Simos September 8, 2017

Dr Stavros Oikonomidis, our Archaeology Professor, spends most of his time on site, directing various archaeological excavations: in between teaching  his class at the arcadia center that is! Here, Dr Oikonomidis tells us of his recent, exciting excavation… More

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