At Home in Athens

Student Voices August 25, 2019

Lan Hếu Phan studied in Athens in the spring of 2019. Instead of traveling at the end of the semester or returning home to an internship or work, Lan stayed in Athens and spent much of her time as a volunteer at the Khora Free Shop. Read on to learn… More

From Greece to Jordan: A Teacher's Story

Jan Sanders August 17, 2019

Haley Kost was a student in Athens in spring 2016. After interning as a teaching assistant in English language at a local middle school, Haley returned to Northwestern University to complete her degree in education. Degree in hand, Haley taught for two… More

Graffiti: Art or Vandalism?

Maria Michou July 9, 2019

During her semester at Arcadia Greece, Sitashma Thama set out to explore the Athenian street art scene by interviewing locals in Pagrati--the Arcadia Center neighborhood--and Exarcheia, a vibrant downtown district where graffiti culture becomes a prominent… More

The Adventures of Low-Impact Living in Greece

Maria Michou July 2, 2019

During her semester at Arcadia Greece, Vi Tran continued to pursue her Low-Impact Lifestyle transition. Here, Vi talks about the challenges she faced and their resolutions after being awarded the Co-curricular Learning Certificate for the documentation… More

A Neuroscience Major in Athens

Jan Sanders April 8, 2019

Alex Kiefer came to Athens as a neuroscience major from Bucknell University in the spring of 2011. Here he talks about how his semester in Athens impacted him and, ultimately, the course of his career.  1. What, in your opinion, are a few of the strengths… More

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