Traditional Greek dance lesson

Jan Sanders July 13, 2020

One of the most popular student activities during a face-to-face semester is always the class on traditional Greek dances. These are not merely relics of some bygone era; everyone knows at least a few of them! And even the most staid Greek - which is… More

Living with Greek Antiquity: The (virtual) Tour

Jan Sanders July 7, 2020

Some of our Athens Virtual Europe students are nearing the end of their time with us while elsewhere in Europe, students have begun session 2 classes. All of us working with the Virtual Europe summer programs in Athens, Rome, Barcelona, Granada, London… More

Picturing Athens . . .. from afar

Jan Sanders June 17, 2020

A previous blog post highlighted the work of half of the students in this spring’s Picturing Athens class. Here is some equally impressive work from the other half. Facilitating a class on photographing Athens while the students were in Seattle or Boston… More

From Abroad to Bed

Student Voices May 28, 2020

The Arcadia in Greece team received this remarkable letter from one of their Spring 2020 students, talking about their experience of study abroad with Arcadia during this difficult time. We are delighted this student shared his feelings with us and allowed… More

Unlikely Perspectives; Snapshots of a Fleeting Home

Jan Sanders May 19, 2020

Unlikely Perspectives; Snapshots of  Fleeting Home is a project of collective memory, photographed by the students of the Picturing Athens class and curated by those in the Curating Athens class, Spring 2020. Here is the curatorial statement of this final… More

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