A Neuroscience Major in Athens

Jan Sanders April 8, 2019

Alex Kiefer came to Athens as a neuroscience major from Bucknell University in the spring of 2011. Here he talks about how his semester in Athens impacted him and, ultimately, the course of his career.  1. What, in your opinion, are a few of the strengths… More

Greek to me? Not anymore!

Faculty Voices March 22, 2019

We recently spent a day in the Tritsis Park, the largest park in metropolitan Athens. This day trip is part of the 'Greek Key: Unlocking Athens' and Modern Greek Language class. Exploring the park’s fringes, amidst the pines, we found ourselves at the… More

Meet Dr Alexandra Balandina

Joanna Simos March 18, 2019

Introducing Dr Alexandra Balandina, Lecturer of Anthropology and instructor of our Ethnographies class: What are your favorite things about Athens? I love the historical centre of Athens for its energy, colours, life. I live 10 minutes away by foot from… More

Exploring with the Picturing Athens class

Jan Sanders September 14, 2018

Fall semester is underway, orientation week is a wrap and classes have begun. In the Picturing Athens class, students learn to use the photographic lens to create and curate their stories of Athens. The majority of those photographic lenses are in smartphones… More

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