The Academic Studio

Emma Grant Senior Student Services Officer


February 9, 2017

Get help with your studies from our full time faculty.

 The Academic Studio is a service that we offer to all students, including those on direct enroll programmes, so it does not matter where you are in the country - it's open to you!

Our full time faculty members have weekly office hours throughout the semester, during which they are happy to advise and support. Be warned, they won't actually write your essays. But their help will be invaluable. So make sure you bring something along, or at least have a clear idea about what it is you wish to discuss.

Individual sessions will run on a first-come-first-served basis and Skype tutorials are available for students studying outside of London.

The main services offered are:

  • Editing essays and other coursework: please bring a hard copy of the assignment and come with specific questions and points of concern. Studio staff will not proofread work, and may not have time to read the entire paper or project.
  • General writing support: students of all levels require guidance with the organisation, presentation, and argumentation of their written work. You can seek help in how to improve the general standard of your writing. We can also assist with issues surrounding grammar, syntax, and referencing.
  • Research methods: receive support on how to conduct research, both primary and secondary, for your assignments. You’ll get advice on how to construct a strong bibliography of appropriate sources.
  • Other academic advice: the Studio also offers assistance with the writing of applications for further study or experience, such as internships and graduate programmes.

 Drop-in Hours




Dr Laurence Scott


6pm - 7pm

Dr Richard Maguire


1pm - 2pm

Dr Chris McMillan


1pm - 2pm

If you would like to get some support from the Academic Studio, simply drop in at at any of the times listed above. If you are outside London and would like to book a skype appointment, email