Student Volunteering Week 2017

Emma Grant Senior Student Services Officer


February 16, 2017

Each semester, we have a number of students who step forward to volunteer. Willing to give up some of their precious time while studying abroad, they get involved with a variety of projects. From group runs and clearing gardens, to supporting groups for older people and local soup kitchens.

Fitting volunteering around their busy schedule of study and travel is no small feat. But these students will leave at the end of their programs knowing they engaged with the local community and made a positive difference while they were here.

From Monday 20 February - Friday Sunday 26 February it is Student Volunteering Week (SVW2017). A national celebration of the positive impact students have on their communities through volunteering.

To celebrate our incredible students who volunteer each semester, we asked them to share their motivations for volunteering as part of the #IVolunteerBecause campaign for SVW2017.

I Volunteer Because...

  • It’s a way to give back to the community and it's always a great way to meet people. - Cody Adams, Brandeis Mid Year Fall in London
  • You get a great sense of satisfaction that you made someone's day and you get to meet new people and get involved. Kenzie Provencher, Brandeis Mid Year Fall in London
  • It is so rewarding. It is a great way to spend your time. It's a good way to meet people from all over the world who have made London their home. It allows you to learn about yourself as well. I wouldn't be who I am without volunteering. - Ally Canfield, Arcadia First Year Study Abroad Experience
  • You probably already feel alienated being in a new country. Volunteering helps you not only meet new people in your program but also locals. - Theresa Weis, Brandeis Mid Year Fall in London

Thank you to students past and present who have got involved with the local community through volunteering during their time studying abroad.

We will be continuing to celebrate SVW2017. Keep your eyes on our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram as we take on the Student Volunteering Week Challenge and share more student volunteering opportunities.