Places to Visit - Wales

James Ballantyne Regional Program Manager


March 1, 2016

With it being St David’s Day or in welsh, Dydd Gŵyl Dewi, we thought we would share some ideas of where to visit in Wales.

First of all, what is St David’s day? It is a day that remembers the death of St David, the patron saint of Wales. It’s the Welsh version of St Patrick’s Day. The day is celebrated across Wales, from the army singing songs to school children taking part in concerts.


Where to visit in Wales

Wales is a diverse country. From the busy but friendly cities to the rugged coastline, there is so much to see. We have picked out three places to visit that will cover everyone’s tastes; Cardiff, Snowdonia and Swansea.


Being just over 2 hours from London by train, Cardiff is a great place to visit for the weekend. The capital of Wales has plenty going on to keep you busy. Start with a wonder around the city, take in the Castle which dominates the centre. If you can go to Cardiff when Wales are playing rugby we recommend coinciding your trip. The Welsh are hugely passionate about their rugby and when Wales are playing at the Millennium Stadium (Wales national stadium) the streets and pubs are rocking.

Then, the real reason why we recommend Cardiff, the Doctor Who Experience. We’ve had amazing feedback from students who have gone. If you do go, let David know what you think. He’s a massive fan!


The extensive National Park that sprawls across North of Wales is well worth visiting if you like the outdoors and stunning British countryside views. Snowdonia is home to Mount Snowdon the tallest mountain in Wales. There are well trodden trails up the mountain that allow you to hike up and down in a day.

Snowdon is a little more difficult to get to than our other suggestions but it will be worth it when you get there. Just look at the photo below!

Mount Snowdon


The city on the South coast of Wales is our option if you would like both of the above. Swansea has plenty of restaurants and bars to keep you busy. Wind Street being where most students end up. There is also the local football club, Swansea City A.F.C. They’re not doing too well at the moment so you should be able to pick up tickets relatively easily.

After sampling the city you could head to the Mumbles which is about 30 minutes away by bus. You will head along the breathtaking coastline to the quaint village. There are green rolling hills in the backdrop to make things that more picturesque.

If you fancy some adrenaline then there are a few surf spots nearby. You don’t need to have any equipment just rock up with some enthusiasm and you can hire everything you need.


We have partner universities both in Bangor and Swansea so we know the areas well. If you would like any inspiration for your trips to any of these places then please get in touch

Happy travels!


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