London First Years Take Flight

Kati Cooper London Center


February 13, 2020

Last Friday the London First Year Study Abroad Experience students got together for a chance to bond and explore the wonderful city of London. Our day began by dividing into small teams and engaging in a scavenger hunt that led us on an immersive journey through London to discover the whereabouts of the Cheshire Cat and return him safely to Wonderland! The clues, which were texted to each team, took us in and around sites such as the National Portrait Gallery, Leicester Square, Trafalgar Square, the London Eye, grafittied tunnels in Waterloo and a floating pub on the Thames. This was a great way to see the city in a new way and to work together as a team.


After we finished the hunt, the competitive nature of the day continued as we went to Flight Club for some social darts. Flight Club is a really unique venue in London where we were able to compete in a variety of darts games; no previous darts skills required! The students left in high spirits and with full bellies after a tiring day exploring this city that is their new home. Check out some of our highlights below!