It's the end of the term as we know it...

David Crout Associate Director for Student Services


December 15, 2015

Well, there’s no way ‘round it. We’re coming up to the end of the semester. We’ve had a great semester having you here. From Billy Elliot to Wales, Edinburgh and Istanbul, it’s been quite a journey in more ways than one.


It seems just a short time ago when the prospect of studying abroad was a distant dream and now here you are having been and gone and done it.

Coming back down to earth

So, congratulations. It’s no small task living and learning in a foreign country. Without realising it you’ll have grown and adapted, assimilating and appreciating the differences, and what you’ll have learnt (outside of the classroom) will complement the skills and experience you had before coming and will remain with you when you go back.

But before you go, here are a few practical reminders...

so you’ve changed...embrace it

That bit above about how you’ve adapted and grown, well it’s true and you’ll realise it all the more when you get home, so brace yourself for having a different perspective on things you used to take for granted when you get back. It’s normal it will pass (that’s right, we’re talking about ‘reverse culture shock’. It’s an actual thing.).

Enjoy some tax-free shopping

See all those stickers on store fronts saying ‘tax free shopping’. Well that applies to you.

If you’re buying things which you don’t intend to use while here (e.g. gifts for home) you can claim the tax back at the airport before departure. Ask at the point of purchase for details wherever you see the 'tax-free shopping' signs.

Start packing/discarding

The process of packing up takes longer than you think. Start now.

Look for local recycling opportunities. Quite often you’ll find on street recycling nearby. Check out the Recycle Now website.

Getting to the airport

Chances are you’ll have got this down to a tee by now, but just in case, here’s our comprehensive guide for getting to the airport with all your belongings. Look out for group saver rates on trains to airports (tip - we recommend a car share.)

Going travelling? Free luggage storage

We offer free luggage storage at the Arcadia London Center. Your Arcadia health insurance expires on the last day of the programme, but if you're travelling, you can extend it via the HTH students website.

Stay in touch

We’re still here! The Arcadia London Center is open over the break and we'd love to hear from you.


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