Dr. Laurence Scott on the BBC

Andrew George Regional Director UK & Ireland, Director of London Center


March 26, 2018

Arcadia London Center's Dr Laurence Scott, Senior Lecturer, participated in a discussion entitled "Has Social Media Cracked the Code to the Crowd?" which was recently broadcast on BBC Radio 3. You can listen to the discussion via the link to the programme on this page.

The discussion was recorded as part of Radio 3's Free Thinking Festival 2018 entitled "The One and The Many," which considered various aspects of the fast changing relationship between the individual and the crowd.  The Festival took place at the Sage Centre in Gateshead (just across the River Tyne from Newcastle). The web page featuring Laurence from The Sage's website can be found here

Laurence drew on his ongoing research into the way social media and digital technologies are impacting on the human experience which can be read about in his insightful and enjoyable book "The Four Dimensional Human - Ways of Being in The Digital World."  Laurence participated in another discussion during the festival which will be broadcast at a later date.

Radio 3's usual output is classical and modern orchestral music but it also has a thread of spoken word programming focusing on cutting edge thinking in spheres such as philosophy, ethics and society.