Celebrating St. David's Day!

Kati Cooper London Center


March 1, 2022

Dydd Gŵyl Dewi Hapus!

Or as we might say in English, Happy St. David's Day!

For centuries St. David's Day has been celebrated all over Wales. The holiday takes place on March 1st because that is the date that the patron saint David was believed to have died in the year 589 AD. St. David's Day is a time for Welsh people to celebrate their rich heritage and culture. Common festivities include parades and food festivals. For any of our students in England and Wales who may be interested in a bit of revelry, some of the biggest celebrations happen in Cardiff and Swansea. In 2007 there was a petition to make St. David's Day a bank holiday, but unfortunately for our students studying in Wales, this petition was denied!

How can you celebrate St. David's Day if you're not in Wales?

-Try some traditional Welsh dishes! One tasty dish with a misleading title is Welsh Rarebit or Rabbit, which surprisingly does not contain any rabbit meat at all! Instead, it is a hot cheese sauce on bread or what the Brits might call a posh cheese on toast! 
- Buy some leeks or daffodils! Both leeks and daffodils are symbols of Wales, mainly because the Welsh words for leeks and daffodils look very similar. Leeks have become a symbol of St. David's Day because St. David told soldiers to wear leeks in their helmet to protect them from harm.


Wherever you are studying, we hope you take the chance to embrace and celebrate Welsh culture on this St. David's Day!