Brighton Your Day at the Beach!

Sarah Greene London, England


July 11, 2019

England is typically known for its dreary, rainy weather and the beginning of the summer lived up to the stereotype. But when the sun decided to make an appearance, we made the most of it and took a trip down to the coast.  Arcadia summer students visited Brighton and Hove, one of the UK’s most famous beach cities. From the pebbled beach to the dozens of fish and chip stands, Brighton embodies British summer time.

Located on the Southeast coast, the journey to Brighton only took us about an hour from London’s Blackfriars Train Station. The limited travel time makes a trip to Brighton the perfect day trip for any Londoner needing a quick holiday.

As soon as you walk out of the station in Brighton you immediately have a view of the ocean on the horizon. The road from the train station to the ocean is full of cute cafes, well-known shops, and everything in between making the 10-minute stroll to the sea even more enjoyable.

 When we made it down to the beach we were met with stunning views and an ocean breeze. From there the students were free to explore everything Brighton has to offer, and with an open return ticket for London, they could spend as little or as much time as they needed.

One of Brighton’s most notable attractions students could visit is the iconic Brighton Palace Pier.  It first opened in 1899 as a Theatre and entertainment destination but was changed to an amusement park with rides and arcade games in the 1980s. The pier also hosts a few restaurants and food stalls, making it the perfect spot to try some traditional British fish and chips.

Another Brighton must-see is the Royal Pavillion! Built to be a royal residence in the late 18th Century, now the distinctly built palace is a tourist destination.  The Royal Pavilion is home to beautiful gardens and many royal artifacts and furniture.

Whether you're looking to soak in the history or just soak up the sun and sea, a trip to Brighton on a sunny day never disappoints.