Arcadia Students Win King's College Awards

James Ballantyne Regional Program Manager


November 25, 2014

Arcadia's London Center proudly congratulates two of its outstanding students at King's College London this fall, Alistair Murray and Geena Molinaro, who were awarded the King's Study Abroad Excellence Awards.

Most Distinguished Study Abroad students

King’s Study Abroad Excellence Awards are presented each semester to their most distinguished Study Abroad students in the arts, humanities and social sciences.  This fall's awards ceremony formed part of King's Go Global Week, which celebrates King's visiting study abroad and international students and promotes international opportunities available to its London-based staff and students.

Alistair (Northwestern University) and Geena (Mount Holyoke College) were selected from over 40 applicants on the basis of their overall academic performance and their performance in the subjects relevant to their application. Alistair and Geena also submitted personal statements for consideration, emphasising how their study abroad experience at King's would positively impact their personal, academic and professional lives thereafter.

Drew Faas, Regional Programmes Manager at Arcadia's London Center, proudly attended the event where Alistair and Geena received their awards from King's Vice Principal for International, Dr. Joanna Newman MBE. Both Alistair and Geena were delighted to receive their awards and commented on how enriching their abroad experience has been.

If you happen to see Alistair and Geena about, do be sure to congratulate them on their great achievement!