Visiting Callejón de Hamel


February 18, 2016

Recently, our students visited the Callejón de Hamel, Havana's high temple of Afro-Cuban culture in Centro Habana's Cayo Hueso neighborhood.

Located near University of Havana's main campus, this art project was started in 1990 by local artist Salvador González Escalona. He started with murals and sculptures. He used scrap objects like bathtubs, hand pumps, pin wheels etc, for the sculptures and for the murals he used different kind of available paint, including car enamel.

The first years were difficult, but he was inspired by local inhabitants and visitors to continue his work, and little by little, the street was transformed from a slum area to an enthusiastic Afro-Cuban centre. Today there are painting workshops for children. Every Sunday rumba performances have become famous and The Callejón has become the epicenter of Afro-Cuban culture in Havana."