Student Writes About Obama Visit in the New York Times


March 29, 2016

Last March 20th we had the privilege to witness President Obama's visit to Havana.  I am so proud to share that one of our students, Florence Rivkin, has published an article about the President's visit in the New York Times. Our students keep on providing proof of how talented and well prepared they are for a brilliant future.

All Cubans, myself and especially our students were so excited about it. They came to Cuba to experience first hand the daily realities of Cuba and how the so long expected changes were or were not taking place. But they could never imagine they would be able to watch their President in Havana speaking about Cuban future in harmony with the US and part of the same continent: America.

We tried and tried to figure out his itinerary, but it was classified for obvious reasons. I remember following the event watching live TV and receiving the students' calls inquiring about his whereabouts (they were out in the streets chasing him), and calling them back as soon as I found out where he really was. I went to the streets myself to do the same thing. We could only get to see his car, but it was exciting anyway to have him around, listen to his speeches, his and President Castro's collaborative and respectful attitudes, and the general festive atmosphere.