Cuba - a community working together

Angelica Salazar Havana, Cuba


September 15, 2017

Cuba is one of the many countries and regions attempting to re-build after being hit by a storm of apocalyptic proportions. We are grateful for the tremendous effort, positivity, and generosity of spirit being shown by our team on the ground, our partner, the University of Havana, and the students themselves. We at Arcadia are fully committed to supporting Cuba and the University of Havana and all our friends and colleagues as everyone works together on the long road to recovery.

Truly, study abroad and all that it has the potential to expose our students to in terms of the realities of life, has taken on a profound meaning in the Cuban context. Because of our relationships and staff on the ground, our students have had plenty of water, food, and shelter. They are now being offered the opportunity to help their neighbors who have been significantly impacted by the force of the hurricane. The power of community, a value we hold very dearly, has come to the fore and we are so very grateful.