Chile Gave Me Everything I Wanted in Study Abroad

Rodrigo González Salinas Chile Program Coordinator


October 12, 2018

It can be tough to decide on a location for study abroad - there is so much choice out there! So I spoke to some of our students here in Chile to get a sense of why they chose Chile, and how it worked out for them. Here are their thoughts:

“Chile gave me everything I wanted in study abroad. Living with a host family, my confidence in using the language increased immensely. The city of Valparaiso is absolutely stunning, views of the ocean or of street are are always a thing. Also, empanadas EVERYWHERE! When you get there, grab a pollo con crema de champiñone, from the stand under Jumbo for me!”

- Jarred Booth, Arcadia University student, Fall 2018.

“Why study abroad in Chile? Many of my friends and family would ask me this question leading up to my semester abroad and I now feel that I have an answer. There are so many factors that impact where you ultimately decide to go for the semester, and as an avid (somewhat obsessive) researcher I took all of them into consideration. These factors, for me, were the ability for classes to transfer, safety, finances, ability to travel, and perhaps above all else, finding a place where I felt like I could grow. All of this culminated into me choosing Arcadia Chile and I am glad that I did. 

“Overall, I have taken classes that are applicable to my major, met friends that have made experiencing Chile so much more fun, and have grown outside my comfort zone. A benefit to studying in Chile is the opportunity to travel to other countries in Latin America, which has been a goal of mine for as long as I can remember.

“Throughout the semester I will have travelled to the Chilean desert, skied in August, visited Peru, Patagonia, and Brazil. With all of this in mind, I encourage any student asking themselves, why Chile? To think about all of these things!”

- Andi Zucchi, Denison University, Fall 2018

“My days in Valpo were spent with my lovely host mother, Camila. When we weren’t cooking together at home and talking movies or the latest Netflix series we were binging, you could find us walking our two dogs Canelo and Blanca along the seaside. My host-family in Chile welcomed me with open arms and I felt more at home in Valpo by the end of my semester than I even thought was possible. My family in Chile and I speak once a week still since my return to the States. For both of us, it was a magical experience that ended with tears as I boarded the bus to Santiago in July. We have plans to see each other whenever it is possible. Don’t miss out on visiting Chile - it’ll be unexpected in all good ways possible.”

- Maddy Fisher, Davidson College, Spring 2018.

“I lived in Valparaíso, Chile for a full year and loved my time spent living by the ocean. Arcadia in Chile lets you register for classes at one of the best universities in Chile and that was truly the best part of my time there - making connections with professors and students and really starting to live a normal routine that was very joyful in a country on the other side of the planet. The classes offered at PUCV are very engaging and taught me so much about communicative competence. This experience has really made me feel independent and I have made beautiful friendships with people from all over the world for life. Having lived in Valparaíso has me aching to go back, and to keep adventuring on, like I saw so many other study abroad students do.”

- Eva Joanne Shellabarger, St. Catherine University, Fall 2017.