Welcome to the Beach Bondies!

Amanda "Gizmo" Lanham Student Liason Officer


January 25, 2019

Friday mornings are made for BBQ Breakfasts and Burleigh headland is the place to be!

Over 20 of our new Bond students headed down to the beach and about 14 of them turned up by bikes they’d bought in the first few weeks of arrival. It’s always been a recommendation to buy a bike at the beginning of semester and ride everywhere, and these newbies certainly earned their bacon and eggs today! It’s a little over 5 miles to the headland but luckily flat nearly all of the way, and always quicker than the bus.

Most of us began the day with a coffee overlooking the water – or for us, the bbq while preparing the bacon, snags (sausages), kanga banga’s (kangaroo snags), smashed avo, cheese, eggs and roasted mushrooms! It was a traditional Aussie breakie vamped up to gourmet style – complete with the Aussie Tomato Sause and we threw in the mustard for the taste of home.

No plates to be found – just use the bread, eating the true Aussie way is the only way to go. A few came back for seconds but there was a lot of contemplating and laughing time as the students munched overlooking the surf.

It is crystal clear days like today that make the Gold Coast so appealing.

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