Melbourne University – it’s funkier than you think!

Marion Finlay Associate Director


September 12, 2018

Melbourne is often referred to as the Cultural Capital of Australia.

Melbourne University very much reflects the city in which it is based. The University offers a range of diverse and unique courses. For example, there are even courses on street art, Australian flora and fauna, being a smart traveller and even a course on analysing different beer styles. There really is a course for everyone at Melbourne University. Below are just some of our favourite courses that you can take at Melbourne University.

Please be sure to reach out to one of our helpful advisors to learn more about the diverse subjects on offer at Melbourne University.

Street Art (CCDP 20001)

From illegally spray-painted stencils to secret exhibitions in abandoned warehouses to exclusive multi-million dollar art fairs, this course explores the rise of street art in the contemporary city. The course examines the artists, materials and political impulses that drive street art and graffiti and its shift from an illicit subculture to a mainstream practice. The course looks at how street art can provide new ways of understanding a city, as well as broader debates about art, public space and urban development.

Biology of Australian Flora and Fauna (BIOL 10001)

This course looks at Australia flora and fauna from past to present. You will learn about the influences of Australian Aborigines and Europeans and you will gain an appreciation of the great diversity and genetic resources that Australia has to offer. You will learn about the structure and physiology of native plants and animals and how they have adapted to live in Australian environments.

Beer Styles and Sensory Analysis (FOOD 10001)

This subject will introduce students to the economic, technological, historical and social aspects that have led to the development of distinctive styles of beer. Students will gain an understanding of what contributes to each style and how sensory assessment of beer is conducted. Students will learn about the brewing process and also learn about health impacts of alcohol and the responsible service of alcohol.

Field Biology of Australian Wildlife (ZOOL 3009)

This field work subject provides an overall perspective on the biology of Australian terrestrial animals, including both vertebrates and invertebrates. A key aim is for students to gain experience in designing and conducting a research project on wild animal populations and then preparing a journal style manuscript reporting their findings. Students should also develop skills in detection, population survey, capture, handling, collection of standard morphometric data and identification of wildlife, and assessment of behaviour, reproductive status etc.

Going Places Travelling Smarter (UNIB 20018)

Aimed to enhance any travel experiences, the Going Places – Travelling Smarter subject provides interdisciplinary methods to observe and interpret new environments, identify positive educational, professional and personal opportunities, and report and record reflections and experiences before, during and after travelling. Lectures from diverse disciplinary areas will present fundamental precepts relating to travel, such as cosmopolitanism, cognitive benefits of travelling, stereotyping, global and developing economies, environmental concerns, identity and alterity.


For lovers of language Melbourne University also offers a wide variety of language courses including Arabic, Hebrew, Japanese, Mandarin, Indonesian, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Latin, Russian, Ancient Greek, Korean and Syriac.