Learning how to E-Learn

Sarah Stockton Student Services Assistant


April 29, 2020

 Much like COVID-19, e-learning has thrusted itself upon us where we have had to accept the requirements and push through the challenges. One student told me that it’s been difficult because her lectures are now at nighttime and that she has to factor in the times that assignments are due in local time. This message was sent with the emoji of a laughing face with a giant sweat drop streaming down its side which probably sums up our mood right now in this pandemic. A whole lot of ‘Well… hey, what you gonna do about it?’ 

And exactly, we can only do our best then acknowledge that we have done our best. As well as learning our courses, we are also learning e-learning. So how can we make our lives easier?



  • Yes we are adults, but it’s so much more appealing to have our professor tell us that we have that assignment coming up. At least put half an hour aside BEFORE you start studying every week to write out every deadline you have. This way you have a weekly ‘To-Do’ list that feels oh so good when you can just tick it off!
  • Folders! Whether it’s on your computer or in a filing cabinet, “folderise” your life! This way everything has its home and is easily accessible.

Self Care - You need study breaks

  • Not big on exercise? You rely on those walks around uni to get out in the sun? Make it fun! Set yourself a goal like learning how to do the splits or a headstand. Just moving your body is a great way to improve mental health when you’re taking a study break.
  • Make yourself and others laugh. We’ve all got cabin fever, let it shine! Close that laptop and paint a chin strap beard on your face and pretend you’re Sean Paul. Wear four jumpers without using the sleeves for three of them and call yourself an octopus. Everyone’s getting creative and really appreciating those wonderful weirdos with some face paint and a camera.

health and well-being Strategies

  • Your bed is for sleeping, the office is for studying and the dining room is for eating. See the pattern? Your home is now your city, so designate areas to fit your routine and activities. Mentally you will be able to switch on and off better.
  • Reduce the clutter! Now is the time to go Marie Kondo on your study area. A clear space is a clear mind. It might even spark some of that joy.

So for those feeling the challenges of learning e-learning, you’re not alone and you’re not expected to just adapt without any hiccups. Be sure to be patient with yourself!