Catherine Volkov Coordinator, Student Liaison


November 3, 2017

I just want a coffee!

This world of Italian-inspired espresso coffee culture can baffle even the most brazen caffeine fiend. A Latte seems fairly self-explanatory, for its direct translation to ‘milk’.

But what makes a Flat White flat? And how short is a Short Black in comparison to its longer cousin? And dammit, where’s the cream?!

Aussies take our coffee quite seriously. The wave of 1950s Italian migration came with some glorious culinary delights, many of which have been appropriated to something uniquely Australian. Coffee is one such case, with Aussies now at the forefront of a global exportation of our coffee culture to the high streets of Manhattan and London. Starbucks never took flight in this country, as there is too much value invested in local proprietors and the perfect bean.

So next time you’re searching for the familiarity of a drip-coffee with hazelnut cream, why not ask your Aussie barista what they recommend? And keep some space free in your stomach for an Australian Iced-Coffee :)