Trinity College Dublin

Academic Year 2022 — Session: Academic Year

Duration (approximate)

Departure Date August 28, 2022
Return Date May 7, 2023
Credits 25-30

Program Fee

Fee Type Amount Notes
Tuition and Orientation $37,500 The tuition portion of all program fees includes tuition for most arts and social science academic courses, pre-program advisory services, on-site orientation, complete support services throughout the program, health and accident insurance, post-program follow-up and transcript.
Room $11,500 The housing portion of our program fee assumes self-catered, shared accommodations. Students in catered housing, single accommodations or enhanced accommodations could be subject to supplemental charges. Please refer to the program's Accommodation page for more details.
Total Program Fee $49,000 Enrollment selections incurring additional fees will be billed several weeks after programs begin.

Estimate of Additional Expenses

Fee Type Amount Notes
Books $20
Meals $5,430 This estimate is based on the cost of meals prepared by the student in the residence facilities provided.
Personal $4,345 Incidental or miscellaneous costs associated with daily living in the host city contributing to successful progress in the program.
Student Visa $350
Local Travel $2,170 Estimated travel costs from the student residence to the instruction site throughout the course of the program.
Program Travel $900 The program fee does not include the cost of traveling to and from the program location. The estimated cost of airfare is based on leaving from and returning to the New York area. Students connecting from other locations will need to budget for additional travel costs.
Total Estimate of Additional Expenses $13,215 These estimates intend to assist students in budgeting for their experience abroad. Actual amounts will vary depending on individual spending habits.

Potential Additional Fees

Fee Type Amount Notes
Supplemental Housing Fee $500 Students residing at Binary Hub are subject to an additional fee per semester.
Special Course Fee $7,600 A per-semester tuition surcharge will be imposed by Trinity College for enrollment in certain science, math or engineering courses. $3,800 per semester and $7,600 per year.
Pre-session Fees $3,060 Pre-session cost includes tuition, $2,410 and room, $650. Choosing pre-session will affect your credits and program dates. Speak to your program manager and see your program calendar for details.
Virtual Global Internship $750 Students enrolled in the Virtual Global Internship option will be subject to a per-semester fee.

Total Estimated Cost of Attendance


The Total Estimated Cost of Attendance includes the Program Fee and Estimate of Additional Expenses. Enrollment selections outlined in the Additional Fees section may increase the overall Estimated Cost of Attendance by the fee amounts listed.