Independent First Year London

Academic Year 2021 — Session: Academic Year

Duration (approximate)

Departure Date September 10, 2021
Return Date April 23, 2022
Credits 32

Program Fee

Fee Type Amount Notes
Tuition and Orientation $18,520
Room $11,060
Total Program Fee $29,580

Estimate of Additional Expenses

Fee Type Amount Notes
Total Estimate of Additional Expenses These estimates are intended to assist students in budgeting for their experience abroad. Actual amounts will vary depending on individual spending habits. Exchange rate of 1.4 to GBP 1.00 was used in determining the above estimates.

Total Estimated Cost of Attendance

The Total Estimated Cost of Attendance includes the Program Fee and Estimate of Additional Expenses. Enrollment selections outlined in the Additional Fees section may increase the overall Estimated Cost of Attendance by the fee amounts listed. These estimates do not include possible required expenses related to COVID entry managed isolation or quarantine requirements.