Arcadia in Granada

Spring 2020 — Session: Semester

Duration (approximate)

Departure Date January 22, 2020
Return Date May 23, 2020
Credits 12-15

Program Fee

Fee Type Amount Notes
Tuition and Orientation $12,000 The tuition portion of all program fees includes tuition for most arts and social science academic courses, pre-program advisory services, on-site orientation, complete support services throughout the program, health and accident insurance, post-program follow-up and transcript.
Room $2,200 The housing portion of our program fee assumes self-catered, standard accommodations. Students in catered housing or enhanced accommodations could be subject to supplemental charges. Please refer to the program's Accommodation page for more specific details.
Total Program Fee $14,200 Enrollment selections incurring additional fees will be billed several weeks after programs begin.

Estimate of Additional Expenses

Fee Type Amount Notes
Books $110 The average cost of books and supplies for a typical student for the semester.
Meals $1,350 This estimate is based on the cost of food to be prepared using the residence facilities provided. Students in catered housing will be billed for the cost of the meal plan through their student account (see the Potential Additional Fees section for more information).
Personal $1,400 Miscellaneous expenses (clothing, laundry, etc.) associated with daily living in Spain. This estimate does not include entertainment costs or personal travel.
Student Visa $160 Students in the New York City consulate jurisdiction will have a supplemental processing fee for their student visa. Students in this jurisdiction should expect a visa fee of $200 billed to their accounts. Visa costs are subject to change. Consult your Program Manager for questions.
Local Travel $300 Estimated travel costs from the student residence to the instruction site throughout the course of the program.
Program Travel $500 The program fee does not include the cost of traveling to and from the program location. The estimated cost of airfare is based on leaving from and returning to the New York area. Students connecting from other locations will need to budget for additional travel costs.
Total Estimate of Additional Expenses $3,820 These estimates are intended to assist students in budgeting for their experience abroad. Actual amounts will vary depending on individual spending habits. Exchange rate of USD 1.113 to EUR 1.00 was used in determining the above estimates.

Potential Additional Fees

Fee Type Amount Notes
Supplemental Housing Fee $1,400 - $2,300 Standard accommodation is provided in self-catered international student apartments. The following housing options are available at additional per-semester fees. Any additional fee is billed as a separate item to your Arcadia University account. Shared homestay option with full board: $1,400. Single homestay option with full board: $1,700. Shared homestay option with full board for Pre-session: $500. Single homestay option with full board for Pre-session: $600.
Special Course Fee $500 Students enrolled in the Granada Internship Program will be subject to a per-semester supplemental fee.
Presession Fee $1,750 Presession cost includes tuition, $1,250, and room, $500. Choosing presession will affect your credits and program dates. Speak to your program manager and see your program calendar for details.

Total Estimated Cost of Attendance


The Total Estimated Cost of Attendance includes the Program Fee and Estimate of Additional Expenses. Enrollment selections outlined in the Additional Fees section may increase the overall Estimated Cost of Attendance by the fee amounts listed.