16 March:  The College of Global Studies at Arcadia University has suspended all Spring 2020 programming in New Zealand.  Read the full notice from the College.

For daily updates from Arcadia Abroad on the Coronavirus please see our Updates Blog and our comprehensive FAQ page.


Partner Institutions



Victoria University of Wellington

  • New Zealand’s COVID-19 alert level has risen to 3 and will rise to level 4 from Wednesday (3/25) at 11.59 pm, after which people must make every endeavor to stay at home.

  • All teaching will stop from today (3/23) until the scheduled mid-trimester break ends. This will give the university an additional three-week period to prepare for a change in delivery methods, to teaching online. Teaching will recommence online on Tuesday 28 April.

  • Because no face-to-face or on-campus activities are permissible, there will be no examinations for Trimester 1. As a consequence, the teaching period will be extended by three weeks at the end of trimester into the period previously occupied by the week-long study period and two-week examination period. The last day of teaching for the trimester will be 26 June. The mid-year break will remain as it is currently scheduled.

  • See the list of fully online courses for Trimester 1 2020. Faculties have offered as many options as possible to help students progress their degrees remotely. We will shortly be providing a list of blended courses, and online block courses.
  • The University can support the majority of its courses through online teaching. However this is dependent on a number of factors including the suitably for the course to be delivered online (for example if significant laboratory work is required) and how much of the course has been completed by the student in Wellington at time of departure. This will be assessed on a case by case basis.
  • The University currently offers a range of high-quality, fully online courses for any student affected by the COVID-19 situation. A list of the available online courses can be found here

  • Students who have to return home may wish to select an alternative course or courses if the courses they are currently enrolled in are not available through the online platform. Enrollment for these courses must be completed as soon as possible.

  • The University has a dedicated webpage for Coronavirus updates.
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University of Otago

  • The Prime Minister has moved New Zealand to COVID-19 Alert Level 3 with a move to Alert Level 4 in 48 hours.

  • Otago's residential colleges remain open, and staff are here to support you. However, due to the new alert levels, campuses will shortly close, with the exception of residential colleges


  • They are suspending all teaching immediately and will return to online learning as soon as possible. All assessment deadlines will be revised to accommodate current disruption.

  • If your home institution has recalled you and instructed you to return home, you will need to follow their instructions. Some students may have received a recommendation to return, but have the option of staying at Otago. If you have questions about whether you should stay, please do feel free to contact us and we are more than happy to discuss this with you, but ultimately the choice is yours to make. Other students may not have received anything and it is business as usual. While we are very happy to have you on campus and will continue to support you, you should be aware of any decisions you make and the implications for your academic journey. So please continue to liaise with your home institution on the best course of action for you.

  • Currently the University of Otago is operating ‘business as usual’. However, if the University of Otago were to go completely online, students would still be able to access necessary support and other ancillary services on campus. For those students living in UniFlats, you would also continue to have your normal accommodation.

  • We encourage you to liaise with your home institution about what other academic contingencies they have in place.

  • The University is currently looking into online delivery across all our papers should you have to (or choose to) return home. At this point in time, we cannot confirm if this will be an option for each and every paper, but we hope to advise of this in the coming week or so what online delivery may be possible should you have to leave Otago.

  • Where possible, we will be offering online options as a short term measure. Please contact the University through AskOtago so that we can discuss details for your particular course of study. The University continues to operate as normal, though we are preparing to deliver courses online should that be necessary during this semester.

  • The University has a dedicated webpage for Coronavirus updates.
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University of Canterbury

  • The UC campus is now in lock down and unavailable to both students and staff.
  • Online teaching and assessment has suspended to allow our students, staff and UC community to focus on preparing themselves for self-isolation.
  • UC is currently working to confirm online delivery across all courses in which Study Abroad and Exchange students are enrolled. This is looking promising, however as the university is operational at present for in-person classes, they cannot confirm that this is available for all courses that every student is enrolled in. UC is currently working through a list of courses which have Study Abroad and Exchange students enrolled and expect to have confirmation of online study for courses approximately Monday (March 23).

  • In the meantime, students with an imminent departure should contact individual course coordinators to gauge if this is likely to be an option for the courses you are taking. Again, UC is working to deliver as many courses as possible online, and will be providing more information and assistance with course plans very soon. For many of you, course planning may need to be worked through with us remotely if you need to leave urgently. UC encourages you to also liaise with your home university regarding what other academic contingencies they have in place in the event of any UC courses not being available online.

  • Departure process: Please ensure you email anna.foster@canterbury.ac.nz with your date of departure if you have not already done so. It is imperative that UC has this information for all of you so that they know your whereabouts. You must also advise your housing provider of your intention to leave early, complete all necessary early departure documents and advise of your departure date. Please note that on-campus housing contracts are held directly with Campus Living Villages (CLV) and you would therefore need to discuss your housing departure directly with CLV.

  • The University has a dedicated webpage for Coronavirus updates.
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University of Auckland

  • The latest Government announcement raising the country’s alert level means the University will effectively be moving into a full campus closure within the next 48 hours. During this period of closure, only essential services will be allowed to continue on campus.


  • In announcing the Teaching Free Week last Friday, the University had hoped to have this week to make all the necessary preparations to be able to deliver remote teaching and learning from next Monday (March 30). While they no longer have that opportunity, they do have the next 48 hours on campus (and the rest of the week off-campus) to prepare for how they continue to deliver a high-quality educational experience and maintain their essential research support to students.

  • The week of March 23 to 27 will be designated a Teaching Free Week. This means teaching across the University will be suspended. Students who usually attend classes will not be required to come onto campus, but are free to do so if they wish. This arrangement applies to all of our campuses, but not to teaching for students on placement or practicum which will continue as planned, or to research students.

  • Due to the ongoing challenges of COVID-19, the University is also making preparations for a possible partial campus closure. In this situation the University would continue to support students with a range of remote learning options. Given it will now be possible for all courses to be taught online, an individual study plan for recalled study abroad and exchange students is no longer necessary. Auckland does still need to know whether you wish to study there in person, with them online, or to withdraw from your program.

  • The University has a dedicated webpage for Coronavirus updates.
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