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Partner Institutions

Last Updated: april 6


Queens University Belfast

  • All formal examinations scheduled to take place on campus over the forthcoming weeks will not go ahead. The University is arranging alternative methods of assessment and students will be contacted on an individual basis with more details.
  • On 23 March, the Prime Minister made an announcement instructing everyone to stay at home unless absolutely necessary. The University asks all members of staff and students to follow these instructions. As a result of this escalation and the subsequent implications for the safe operation of University activities, the campus remains closed (since March 17) for teaching until further notice. This partial closure will be implemented as follows: 
  • Teaching: All forms of face to face teaching will cease with immediate effect until further notice. All teaching and associated material will be provided online as far as possible, normally via the Canvas VLE environment.
  • Assessment: Alternative forms of assessment are being worked out, in recognition that it is highly unlikely that on campus assessment will be possible in the near future. Contingency planning will be communicated as soon as possible.
  • Student Accommodation & Travel: It is appreciated that many students may now choose to return home and the University will ensure that no students suffer academic disadvantage as a result. University accommodation remains open and fully operational. Any students in University accommodation requiring additional support should email:
  • The University website is updated regularly regarding the coronavirus threat.
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Trinity College Dublin (TCD)

  • TCD's campus will close from end of business 12  March, to all staff and students until March 29.
  • All lectures will be delivered online for the rest of the semester rather than physically in a lecture hall.

  • Tutorials, seminars and laboratory practicals will also be offered online where practical.

  • Lectures will be delivered over Blackboard from 16 March.

  • Students should check Blackboard from Monday, 16 March for further instructions.

  • Tutorials, seminars and lab practicals will continue as normal. Libraries and computer rooms will remain open for now.

  • TCD has a dedicated webpage for Coronavirus updates.
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University College Dublin (UCD)

  • UCD will continue to schedule teaching activities for each module in the existing semester timetable and academics and tutors will continue to interact with students in line with this timetable, but through electronic means.
  • Some lectures will be podcasted, but students will be given opportunities to interact with each other and with lecturers remotely. Tutorials and group work will be mediated through online video services. In most cases (except for a small number of clinical programs) all assessment, including final exams, will take place at distance.
  • UCD has extended the examinations period by one week; it will now run from Tuesday, 5 May to Saturday, 23 May. 
  • Your Module Coordinator will provide you with the assessment details for your module, whether it will be scheduled or a take home assessment. 
  • If your assessment is scheduled, then it will be allocated a time on the University's online assessment timetable and you will receive further information on your individual timetable. The timetable will be published for you here on Tuesday, 14th April 2020. 
  • Further guidelines and resources are being prepared and will be available to you with the published timetable. These resources will include advice on managing your assessments remotely, particular considerations for timed online assessments and steps to take if you are facing a difficulty in advance of your assessment or if an issue arises during the assessment. 
  • UCD's Coronavirus webpage is updated regularly for more details.
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University College Cork (UCC)

  • The Irish Government announced that from 6pm on 12 March until 29 March, all schools and higher education institutions should close. UCC is following this directive and closing the campus during this period. 
  • Online teaching and learning is being provided for students from Monday 16 March and critical services (including critical research infrastructure) are being maintained. UCC staff will work remotely to the maximum extent possible during this period, in line with the Government advice
  • No examinations requiring physical attendance on campus will occur during the period from 13th March to 29th March inclusive. While the format of examinations may differ from that published in the UCC Book of Modules and will most likely be in a digital format, the University will endeavor to keep to the timeframe set out in the published schedule of examinations.  

  • UCC has a dedicated webpage for coronavirus updates
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National University of Galway (NUIG)

  • The University is closed. Teaching and assessment will be online/remote for the rest of the semester.
  • A Revised Exam Timetable is available online. Assessments will run from the 21st of April to the 15th of May with only two exam slots per day, and in most cases you can expect to have only one scheduled assessment per day.
  • Assessments will take a variety of forms including online examinations run through Blackboard, Multiple-Choice Questions via Blackboard, take-home open-book exams, presentations delivered remotely via video, and more.
  • If your modules are being assessed via an online scheduled assessment, your Module Leader will contact your class to organize a test run prior to the actual assessment date. You are strongly advised to participate in this test run in order to satisfy yourself that you can connect to Blackboard and carry out all tasks required on your PC/Laptop.

  • NUIG has created a coronavirus updates webpage.
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University of Limerick

  • An Taoiseach Leo Varadkar has announced that the new closure date for all schools and higher education institutes is now 19th April, however UL continues to believe that students will not be physically back on campus before the end of this academic year. All end of semester on-campus assessments and exams scheduled between 5th May and 18th May will no longer go ahead and will be replaced with an alternative assessment you can complete remotely. All existing continuous assessments which you can complete remotely will go ahead as originally planned. All continuous assessment already completed will be assessed and contribute to the final grade for the module.
  • The final deadline for the submission of any alternative assessments will be Friday 15th May – the final date of this current semester. This provides students with a six-week window (6/4 to 15/5) in which to complete all required assessments However, where a student's ability to meet this deadline has been affected by COVID-19, UL will allow submission up to May 15th without penalty. To avail of an extension to interim deadlines students should please contact their Module Leader in advance of that given interim deadline.
  • There will be a delay in releasing semester two results and overall award classifications; UL will work to minimize this delay as much as possible. At this stage, the predicted delay is 2 weeks, 6th July 2020. The University will offer repeat assessments / exams in August.
  • The Academic Planning Group is progressing its work and assessment arrangements will be confirmed to students by the end of March. Huge efforts by academic and support staff have meant all programs are continuing online.
  • University of Limerick campus will close from end of business today, March 12, to all staff and students. In the first instance, the University will close until March 29.
  • The University Critical Incident Committee will continue to meet and to advise students and to monitor developments, while staff move to deliver educational programs online.
  • UL has a dedicated webpage for Coronavirus updates.
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Burren College of Art

  • Burren College of Art campus will close from end of business today, March 12, to all staff and students. In the first instance, the University will close until March 29.
  • In-person teaching will be suspended during this time and arrangements will be made to deliver classes remotely.
  • Burren College of Art has a dedicated webpage for Coronavirus updates.
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