Frequently Asked Questions

As the COVID-19 situation remains fluid, we understand many students, parents and advisors, are concerned about the impact on Arcadia programming. Our teams are actively monitoring information about travel restrictions and health policies in the countries where we operate to arrive at reasoned and thoughtful approaches regarding future programming.

As we gather additional information and respond accordingly, we will continually update the community and this page with the most current information and guidance available.

Last updated 24 March 2020

Arcadia Programming Questions

Program Suspension Travel Questions

Arcadia Financial Support Questions


Have Arcadia’s spring programs been affected by COVID-19?

In light of elevated warning levels and from the U.S. Department of State and the Centers for Disease Control and in consideration of ongoing challenges and risks presented by the COVID-19 outbreak around the world, we have suspended all on-site programs for the spring 2020 semester. We are in communication with students and partner institutions regarding academic contingency plans and additional support needs.  

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Is Arcadia still planning to run summer and fall programs?

In response to the fluid nature of the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic, The College of Global Studies has made significant adjustments to our summer 2020 program offerings. The revised list of program options reflects our commitment to the health and well-being of our students and practical matters related to student visa processes, housing, and other on-site services impacted by the coronavirus situation. We are currently planning to offer the following programs in summer and fall 2020:

Summer 2020 Arcadia Programs

Fall 2020 Arcadia Programs

All Arcadia Programs are currently scheduled to operate in fall 2020.

We also plan to offer all of our semester and summer programs again in 2021.

In the event of any additional program changes, we will notify students and advisors with specific information.

For more information, please visit our Summer & Fall 2020 FAQs.

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How should I expect to receive information regarding academic course continuation?

The College has been updating students directly via email to communicate approaches, instructions, and expectations related to course continuation for Arcadia-taught courses.

Students should expect to hear directly from our overseas partner institutions in relation to academic continuation and student support for their courses. The faculty members at our partner institutions are responsible for transitioning their courses to distance learning. As such, the information for your individual courses may be sent at different times. Please note: as these updates tend to be course specific, we are not updating the country-specific FAQs with this detail of information.

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Are there changes to the end date of my Spring 2020 program?

Any calendar date changes will be communicated to the student by the host institution and will be reflected in our program dates section of the website as soon as we are made aware of such changes.

There are no anticipated calendar changes to Arcadia-taught programs.

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What should I be aware of if I have to travel back to the U.S.?

All travelers should expect additional screenings on U.S.-bound flights, especially from the Schengen area in Europe. Travelers are likely to be asked for their travel history and may undergo health screenings. The U.S. Embassy in Rome, for example, has announced that passengers on U.S.-bound flights from Italy will not be permitted to board if their temperature is higher than 99.5 degrees Fahrenheit. It is possible that additional screenings will be implemented for travel to the U.S. from other countries as the virus continues to spread.

Additionally, the Centers for Disease Control is advising travelers entering the U.S. from any destination during the past 14 days to monitor their health and practice social distancing. Travelers that are sick with fever, cough, or have trouble breathing should call ahead before seeking medical care.

In addition, travelers returning to the U.S. from level 3 countries, which includes Greece, Italy, and Spain, are advised to stay home for 14 days.

We encourage all students who are preparing to return to the U.S. to stay abreast of updates from the CDC, their U.S. state health department, and their home institution

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When do I have to leave my host country / my housing?

We are expecting students to leave their program-arranged housing by the dates communicated to them via email and/or by the on-site staff. If there are extenuating circumstances preventing you from doing so, please contact Assistant Director of Health, Safety, and Security Hannah Leidich at for additional advising. Arcadia will work with you so you are supported.

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How do I let Arcadia know my flight plans?

All students should share their flight details with Arcadia on the flight form they received via email. Students who cannot locate this link should reach out to Arcadia staff to request it be sent to them again.

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Will Arcadia arrange transportation to the airport?

All students are expected to make their own ground transportation arrangements, just as they would have at the scheduled end of their program.

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Will I be able to return to my host country if the situation changes?

The on-site program will not resume during the spring 2020 semester. 

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What if I want to keep other travel plans before returning home?

We strongly encourage any students considering remaining in their host country to seriously consider the risks associated with the outbreak of COVID-19. Because the on-site program is suspended, students are expected to leave program-arranged housing by the dates communicated to them via email and/or by the on-site staff. The Arcadia-provided insurance coverage and travel assistance also ends with your departure or on the program end date. Additional personal travel will not be covered by Arcadia’s insurance and travel assistance. If you have extenuating circumstances, please contact Hannah Leidich, Assistant Director of Health, Safety, and Security at

Arcadia University does not endorse plans for students to remain abroad. Should you choose to pursue personal travel, you assume all risks associated with such travel, and acknowledge that Arcadia will not provide insurance or other travel assistance to you after the program end date. This means you will not have support if you have a medical issue or need help departing the country. 

You should also notify your home institution if you intend to proceed with personal travel plans.

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Is there financial support for my return flight travel when Arcadia has suspended my program?

Arcadia will reimburse you up to $500 of the total cost of changes from your original itinerary for flights home for students departing from suspended programs.

Requests for reimbursement must be emailed to Jennifer Darvas at Flight support for suspended Italy programs is due by 3/31/2020 and for all other suspended programs by 4/30/2020 to be considered. In order to process this credit, you will need to submit the following materials:

  • Confirmation of your Original Booking (flight confirmation email, including itinerary and airfare)
  • Proof of Payment for your Original Booking (copy of credit card statement or bank statement)
  • Confirmation of your Updated Booking (including itinerary, airfare, and any change fees)
  • Proof of Payment for your Updated Booking (copy of credit card statement or bank statement)
  • The address to which you would like a refund check mailed (if applicable)

To avoid delays, ensure that all information submitted is complete. Additionally, please ensure that all materials are submitted together.

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Will I be reimbursed for Arcadia’s optional excursions cancelled as a result of program suspension?

Arcadia will refund all cancelled optional excursions using the original form of payment.

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Will I get a refund for any program fees on suspended programs?

Arcadia is actively working to identify all recoverable expenses related to housing and excursions. A credit will be applied for expenses that are recovered. If you have been billed directly by Arcadia University, a credit to your student account will be issued. If you have been billed by your home school for your program, you will need to follow up with your Student Accounts/Bursar's Office to determine how the credit will be applied to your student account.

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