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Arcadia Center Programs & Partner Institution Updates

last Updated: March 27


Arcadia in London

  • Arcadia in London students, including students also pursuing an internship and/or coursework at a partner university, will complete center-based courses through online instruction and assessment.
  • Communication from the faculty is forthcoming, and will address the schedule for resuming classes and any required changes to the course syllabi.
  • Students should plan to engage with coursework and final assessments until the scheduled end of the program.
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City, University of London

  • City will end face-to-face teaching by Monday March 23rd and will provide, where possible, online resources to replace lectures and tutorials. The health and wellbeing of students and staff remains City's top priority.
  • Schools will be communicating directly with their staff and students to outline their plans for the delivery of each of their programs in the next couple of days.

  • Most of City’s buildings will close on Friday 20th March. Face-to-face teaching has already ended and staff are continuing to support students while working remotely.

  • The Study Abroad Office will still be functioning as normal.

  • Assessments, including examinations, planned for the remainder of the academic year that require students to come in to the University will not take place for programs in Cass Business School, the School of Arts and Social Sciences, and the School of Mathematics, Computer Science and Engineering. They will be replaced by alternative forms of assessment.

  • City has a webpage for Coronavirus updates.
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Goldsmiths, University of London

  • Your department should be in touch with your soon (if they have not already done so) to confirm what arrangements they have in place to help you continue your studies remotely. The Global Opportunities team are now working from home and are available via email only at this stage.

  • The government are now saying everyone should avoid non-essential travel and unnecessary contact with others. Therefore Goldsmiths are asking students to:


    • Return to your main place of residence, such as a parental home, if you can

    • If you are already at your main place of residence do not return to campus

    • If you need to stay in your hall of residence, email so we can provide support

    • If you need to stay in your local accommodation, such as a rental property, and require support from us email

  • Teaching and assessments

    • All face-to-face teaching is suspended immediately

    • This week (16-20 March) becomes an extra Reading Week

    • Online teaching provision begins w/c 23 March

    • Summer term starts one week early from 20 April, with online teaching only

    • May examinations cancelled

    • We realize online delivery may not be possible for everything Goldsmiths teaches, and colleagues in practice-based departments are looking at alternative provision.

    • Department and programs leaders will be in contact with students as soon as they can to give more details.

  • Summer assessmentsCovid-19 is predicted to peak in May and June, therefore we cannot continue with in-person exams and assessments. We are exploring what this means for practice-based assessments like Degree Shows.

  • Goldsmiths has a dedicated webpage for Coronavirus updates.
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Kings College London

  • We advise all students, including those of you overseas, to return home whether that it is to the U.K. or to your home country.
  • Teaching

    • From Monday March 16, Kings will transition into more flexible working. Teaching sessions for taught students will be delivered online from March 23 2020 until the beginning of May 2020. Kings will be reviewing the situation regularly. There may be some exceptions to this policy in Clinical Faculties, for example where term dates differ. Students will be contacted by their faculties and departments about specific plans for clinical and lab teaching.

  • Will face to face teaching still be available?
    • From March 23 there will be no face to face teaching unless you are advised by your department. Some programs will require you to attend in person so please check with your department.

  • Will I be considered absent?

    • Unless your department advises you need to attend in person, the university will not consider you to be absent if you do not come onto campus from March 16, 2020

  • What is Remote Study?

    • We understand there is anxiety in the student community and that some of you will wish to return home to be with your families. For these exceptional circumstances we have created a Remote Study Form so you can tell us you are studying from home or any location outside campus.

  • Exams

    • The main exam period has been extended until June 26.

    • Exams and assessments will take place remotely after Easter, except where professional bodies are involved. This includes alternative assessment arrangements for the main examination period. For most programs and modules, Kings will not hold conventional unseen exams requiring students to be physically present over this period, but instead will provide assessment in alternative formats. These arrangements are being actively considered at a faculty and departmental level, and students will be kept fully updated.

  • Kings has a dedicated webpage for Coronavirus updates.
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London School of Economics (LSE)

  • All taught undergraduate and taught postgraduate exams and assessments scheduled for the Summer Term and the 2019/2020 In-year Resit and Deferral Period (IRDAP) will be delivered online or by other methods of alternate assessment.

  • Assessment type will be guided by academic discipline and faculty expertise. Students will be notified as early as possible about what online assessments mean in practice. Inclusion Plans will apply.

  • All teaching activity for taught undergraduate and postgraduate students will be delivered online from Monday March 23 or before where possible, for the remainder of the 2019/2020 academic year. Given the decision to extend LSE's policy on authorized absences, and challenges in delivering hybrid models of in-class and digital teaching, all teaching will be delivered online for taught students from March 23, or before where possible. Academic faculty will decide how best to conduct teaching and learning activities, using a range of resources to best support students. All taught undergraduate and taught postgraduate exams and assessments scheduled for the Summer Term and the 2019/2020 In-year Resit and Deferral Period (IRDAP) will be delivered online or by other methods of alternate assessment.

  • LSE has a dedicated webpage for Coronavirus updates.
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Queen Mary University of London

  • On March 18, the U.K. Government announced that schools will close to the majority of pupils from March 20. Universities are not included in this announcement, therefore Queen Mary remains open. There will be no further face-to-face teaching after 5pm on Thursday 19 March 2020. All education will continue online and all but essential services will be delivered remotely. This will mean some buildings will be closed for a period of time.
  • From March 12, QML have offered all international students the choice to return home if they prefer to do so. We have also invited our students currently studying overseas the choice of returning home.
  • The University will also ensure students receive the credits they need for the modules studied at Queen Mary.

  • Queen Mary has a dedicated webpage for Coronavirus updates.
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SOAS University of London

  • SOAS are moving to remote delivery of teaching materials, effective from March 19. Assessments from Monday March 23 onwards will be delivered in appropriate alternative forms, including online. Summative assessments on credit bearing modules due to take place from Monday March 16 – Friday March 20 will not now take place and will be replaced with alternatives after March 23.

  • All SOAS buildings are now closed. They plan to re-open the first day of Term Three, Monday April 20, but will revisit that decision regularly. There will be no in-person delivery of services during this period. The Library will be closed to all visitors including SOAS staff and students from 18th March to 19th April.

  • All existing coursework deadlines up to May 4 are being moved back by two weeks. This means that the final School Deadline is also being moved to May 18.

  • SOAS has a dedicated webpage for Coronavirus updates.
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St Mary's University

  • From Monday 23rd March all teaching transitioned to the online deliver of programmes. Following the Prime Minister’s statement on the evening of 23rd March, the University implemented a managed closure of the site with only students who are unable to leave their University Accommodation and a skeleton support staff remaining on campus.  

    All other campus buildings are now closed, and all University operations are being delivered remotely.

  • Students will be able to continue their modules from a distance through the Moodle site.

  • The guidance for doing this is the same as the academic guidance given to students who are self-isolating. As long as you proactively engage with the resources available, you'll be able to submit your assessments from a distance.

  • The University has decided that unless there are requirements from professional accrediting bodies (PSRBs), they will not be using any unseen, face-to-face written examinations in May 2020 as assessment for your modules.  Instead, these exams will be replaced by alternative forms of assessment that measure (as far as is possible) the same Learning Outcomes. Your Programme teams are already in consultation with our external examiners to ensure that any changes made are proportionate and appropriate, and in keeping with practice elsewhere in the sector.
  • St. Mary's has a dedicated webpage for Coronavirus updates.
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University College London (UCL)

  • On 13 March, UCL announced that face-to-face teaching is suspended for the remainder of this academic year. The university is adopting online alternatives for teaching and assessments wherever possible.
  • If you do decide to return home, it is important that you notify UCL, both for visa requirements and so that they can support you appropriately to continue your studies.
  • Before you leave, you must notify UCL and receive acknowledgement. You can do this through askUCL, our student enquiry system, which you can access using your UCL username and password. You can find the Coronavirus Return Home notification in the ""Visas and Immigration"" section.

  • Students who feel they need to return home will not be penalized for non-attendance.

  • UCL has a dedicated webpage for Coronavirus updates.
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University of Manchester

  • Suspension of face-to-face teaching and closure of non-essential facilities on campus: the University suspended all physical face-to-face teaching (including laboratories, seminars and tutorials) and will be closed all non-essential sites from 5pm Tuesday, 17 March
  • After the Easter vacation, The University’s expectation is that the majority of content will be delivered online (although this will of course depend on the context at that time). Once delivery has moved online, we do not anticipate that it will revert back to face-to-face delivery this semester.

  • Study Abroad/Exchange students are expected to be graded on their in-year coursework, where possible, for all course units (Level/Year 1, 2 and 3). 

  • Where insufficient marks are available, online assessment is likely to be set as follows:

    1. An open book assessment, to go live in the original examination time slot, which would be open for one week (= 7 days, start and end times given as GMT), OR
    2. An alternative form of online assessment (e.g. an essay, report or other task).


  • University of Manchester has a dedicated webpage for Coronavirus updates.
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University of Oxford

  • Teaching and learning in Trinity term will be moved to an online format where possible.

  • Unless advised otherwise, all other teaching and assessments will continue as planned.

  • Contingency planning for any necessary changes to normal arrangements is in progress and will be communicated as soon as appropriate.

  • If you have any questions, please contact your college or department.

  • University of Oxford has a dedicated webpage for Coronavirus updates.
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University of Winchester

  • All face-to-face teaching and assessments for the rest of the academic year have been moved online, to be delivered by virtual means.
  • From Monday March 23, Winchester's catering outlets will be takeaway only and Student Services support will provided by a variety of distance support options as applicable to the service.
  • Cash transactions are not permitted across campus.
  • Winchester's 12 week semester comes to an end on April 4, but they have decided to allow all exchange and visiting students to leave early so they may return home now if they wish. They are informing the students today.

  • Winchester will work with you to mitigate the academic consequences. Course material will be available online and all assessments will be submitted electronically. If a student who leaves early has an assessment that requires their presence, eg a presentation or exam, they will arrange an online alternative.

  • Students who leave will not be charged / will be refunded for the portion of their housing they are not in residence. This may take some time to organize however.

  • University of Winchester has a dedicated webpage for Coronavirus updates.
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University of Westminster

  • Due to government advice and the safety of everyone, they have decided that the Education Abroad Team at the University of Westminster will not be opening the office for in person queries or phone calls from Wednesday March 18th for the foreseeable future.

  • You will still be able to reach them via email, and if you would like to discuss anything “in person” they will have Skype capabilities.

  • The University is moving to online teaching and assessment from Monday March 23rd 2020. This decision has been taken to allow students to continue their studies remotely


  • Where possible, assessments will be completed online. This will include exams, which will be completed as “at home” papers.

  • The University has a dedicated webpage for Coronavirus updates.
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University of York

  • The university will be bringing forward their planned closure of the majority of buildings by the end of the week to a hard and fast deadline by which all non-essential buildings will be closed by 5pm on Wednesday March 25th.


  • They have been working closely with departments to agree which online platforms will be most suitable to deliver teaching. This also includes the types of alternative assessments that we will need to use to replace closed exams in exam halls, laboratory work, group assignments, and performances.

  • Teaching is now moving online, so if you are unable to return after the vacation, you will not be penalized.
  • University of York will be following Public Health England guidance in all things related to COVID-19.

  • Your academic department for your courses will keep you updated on changes to how you will be assessed. If the assessment is a time-specific activity (for example an open book remote exam) details will be published through the examinations timetable.
  • If PHE advise that students should not attend closed examinations, students will be contacted with information about how they will be assessed on achievement in their modules.

  • The University has a dedicated webpage for Coronavirus updates.
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Bangor University

  • Due to the fast changing situation regarding Covid-19, and in line with many other universities, the University Executive has taken the decision to suspend all face to face teaching with immediate effect, until the end of the academic year. Instead, from Monday March 23rd, all teaching and other learning materials will be delivered online to enable you to continue with your studies. This applies to undergraduate and taught postgraduate students.

  • The examinations in May will not take place. Instead, alternative assessments will be put in place. Bangor hopes to have information on these available by March 23rd.

  • Assessments will be marked and graded as normal. Attention will be paid to special circumstances in the normal way. Students should report these via the Request Centre as usual.

  • Bangor has a dedicated webpage for Coronavirus updates.
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