16 March:  The College of Global Studies at Arcadia University has suspended all Spring 2020 programming in Australia.  Read the full notice from the College.

For daily updates from Arcadia Abroad on the Coronavirus please see our Updates Blog and our comprehensive FAQ page.


Arcadia Center Programs & Partner Institution Updates

Last Updated: April 17


Sydney Internship

  • Students studying at Sydney universities who are pursuing an Arcadia internship will complete INPR 310 “Work in Thought and Action” through online instruction and assessment.
  • Communication from the faculty member is forthcoming, and will address the schedule for resuming classes and any required changes to the course syllabus.
  • Students should plan to engage with coursework and final assessments until the scheduled end of the program.
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University of Technology Sydney

  • The majority of subjects will be delivered online from Tuesday March 24.

  • The university will work with students to explore options that will allow them to complete their studies in the timeframe they had expected and with no or minimal additional financial cost.

  • UTS will continue to update students about impacts on their studies and about the COVID-19 situation in Australia more broadly through your UTS student email and on social media.

  • UTS has a dedicated webpage and FAQs for Coronavirus updates.
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University of Sydney

  • No face-to-face teaching since Monday 23 March: Face-to-face teaching will be suspended for the majority of Semester 1 2020 units from Monday March 23rd onwards. All teaching and learning (including exams) will be delivered online. The only exception is for a handful of workshop-based units, which are expected to continue face-to-face teaching with social distancing and health precautions in place. 

    • Classes that require live ‘real time’ participation by students are likely to take place in Sydney time (AEST). 
    • Students may be able to request alternate times with the faculty/ professors/ tutor leader if multiple sessions are held. 
  • Enrollment variations and withdrawing from units: Sydney recommends that before students make any decisions, regarding potential variations to their enrollment (including withdrawal from units), they check their USYD Canvas portal and USYD student email for confirmation of any updates to teaching arrangements in place for their specific units. If students have decided to return home, and are enrolled in a unit that is not moving to be delivered entirely online (or is deferring their lab/studio to later in the semester), they will need to withdraw from the unit no later than the census date, Tuesday March 31st 2020 (Sydney time) to avoid academic and financial penalty. Students should contact their Sydney Abroad Adviser via email with any questions regarding enrollment variation requests.

  • Please note that where a currently-enrolled student decides to completely withdraw from Semester 1 2020, they will need to put their intent to completely withdraw from the program in writing (via email) to their adviser (Kristin Johnson for Semester or Priya Sivaraj for Spring Friendly). USYD cannot discontinue an enrollment or cancel an eCoE for a currently enrolled student on the basis of correspondence from anyone other than the student themselves.

  • ARTS2600 – Internship Unit: In regards to their Internship program, the course-work component of ARTS2600 will be moved entirely online. In regards to the placement component of ARTS2600, their Internship Coordinator, Honey Abbott, is managing each situation on a case by case basis. All internship sites have been asked to facilitate remote-working options for interns who are returning home. USYD are encouraging students to proactively discuss with their internship supervisor this week to explore what remote working options are available to them. Honey is simultaneously following up all sites to confirm these arrangements. If sites are unable to facilitate a remote-working option, students will need to withdraw from ARTS2600, however USYD is working hard to ensure as many students as possible can remain enrolled in this unit. As Semester 1 progresses, Honey will be regularly checking-in with all supervisors to monitor the students’ transition to remote working to ensure they are on track to meet their internship requirements.

  • Short Term Program and Semester 2, 2020: At this point in time, it is expected that both the Short Term (June/ July) Study Abroad program and the Semester 2 program will proceed, business as usual. USYD is currently accepting applications for both programs and can be flexible with program application deadlines as needed.

  • The University has a dedicated webpage for Coronavirus updates.
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Bond University

  • Bond University Campus is open and fully operational. Classes for week ending 3/27 will be delivered as per the normal timetable however students may choose to attend in person or remotely via Collaborate. The decision to participate remotely or on campus is your personal choice. For what to expect and how to participate in class though Collaborate, see here.
  • New final assessments will replace end-of-semester examinations. Most campus-based examinations will be replaced by a mix of online tests, take-home examinations or alternative assessments.  Additionally, some existing assessments may be re-weighted to reduce the number of required assessment tasks. Students will be advised of new arrangements for assessment in individual subjects by 5pm on Monday March 23.
  • Bond University has a dedicated webpage for Coronavirus updates.
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University of Melbourne

  • Melbourne has transitioned to a virtual campus model as of 30 March, meaning from 30 March until the end of Semester 1, all lectures, tutorials and seminars will be online, so students can study remotely. The University is now in the process of replacing ‘in-place’ examination with remote examination and assessment conducted online. Students will be advised through the LMS on the new assessment arrangements for their subjects.

  • The University has extended Semester 1 2020 by one week, to finish on 7 June 2020. One week of Swot Vac will follow with the three week assessment period commencing on Monday 15 June and ending on Friday 3 July. The dates for the Winter study period and Semester 2, 2020 will be pushed back by one week. See key dates.
  • More Student information can be found here

  • The University has a dedicated webpage for students to information related to Coronavirus updates.
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Macquarie University

  • From Monday 30 March all coursework students should not come to campus. Staff and students, other than those who must physically be on campus should work from home.
  • Teaching will resume on Monday March 30, and wherever feasible units will then be delivered in an online learning environment or in a way that continues to promote principles of social distancing. The session will resume from week 4 and run uninterrupted through to the end of the examination period (that is, with no further break to teaching).

  • The break previously scheduled for April 13 to April 26 will now be a part of the normal academic teaching period, noting that April 13 remains a Public Holiday (Easter Monday).

  • The University has a dedicated webpage for Coronavirus updates.
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University of New South Wales

  • Starting Friday 20 March, the University ceased all in-person classes.

  • Final Exams: It is extremely important that you check the UNSW exam rules and procedures as they may be different from your home university:  https://student.unsw.edu.au/exams
    Please also check your exam platform and time. Note that times shown will be in Sydney time (AEST), and you must make yourself available in the time advised.
    See below for more information.
    IMPORTANT: The last date to drop without academic penalty is 28th April
    after this date you must submit all assessments or sit any exams or apply for special consideration.
  • Special Consideration: If there are extenuating personal or medical circumstances outside of your control that prevent you from attending an exam/completing an assignment or that impact your academic performance, you will need to apply for special consideration. You will need to provide enough supporting documentation to substantiate your request (i.e. a doctor’s certificate).
    More information on how to apply can be found here https://student.unsw.edu.au/special-consideration  Please read all information regarding special consideration carefully and make sure you understand UNSW policy, in particular in relation to a Fit to Sit or Submit rule.
  • The University has a dedicated webpage for Coronavirus updates.
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Australian National University

  • All teaching will be paused for a week from Monday March 23rd. This means there will be an additional week of teaching after the mid-semester break.


  • Classes will resume on Monday March 30, with the two week mid-semester break occurring as planned. Semester one will be extended by one week to allow for this pause, and the timing of the end of semester and exam period will be adjusted to accommodate this, as below:


    • One week pause: Monday 23 to Friday 27 March

    • Classes resume: Monday 30 March (new Week 5)

    • Mid-semester break: Monday 6 April to Friday 17 April

    • Return from mid-semester break: Monday 20 April (new Week 6)

    • End of teaching: Friday 5 June (new Week 12)

    • Semester one exam period: Thursday 11-Saturday 27 June

  • ANU's academic colleges are working to put courses online so students can study away from campus or within their campus accommodation.

  • Remote participation will help to reduce the possible transmission of the virus. It will also mean we can minimize disruption to semester 1 if there are further measures put in place.

  • The transition to remote learning will involve:

    • Lectures delivered via Echo360 or other platforms

    • Tutorials shifting from face-to-face learning to teleconferencing platforms such as Zoom

    • Social distancing protocols and increased hygiene measures for courses with requirements where remote participation isn't possible, such as labs, or studio work

  • All students will be contacted by their academic college to provide an update on their online learning plans. This includes whether and when you will be required to come to campus (for lab work, for example). Students should check their student emails regularly.

  • All questions about remote learning should be directed to your academic college.

  • ANU has a dedicated webpage for Coronavirus updates.
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University of Queensland

  • All teaching activities will move to online for Semester 1 from Monday March 23 2020.
  • UQ campuses remain open and operating. Libraries, study spaces and food services will still be staffed and accessible - however all food services will be take-away only, and customers must practice social distancing.
  • For those students who have returned to their home institution, they will now have the opportunity to continue their study with UQ for Semester 1. If the student is still enrolled in their UQ courses, they do not need to take any action. UQ has advised these students to contact their home institution to ensure that credit will continue to be granted.

  • If a student has already withdrawn from courses, they now have an opportunity to reinstate enrollment. UQ has also advised these students to contact their home institution to ensure that credit will continue to be granted.

  • Courses can be added via mySI-net to continue studies online where available. Students have until midnight [AEST] on Wednesday March 25th, 2020 to decide if they will study online and reinstate their enrollment.

  • The University has a dedicated webpage for Coronavirus updates.
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Queensland University of Technology

  • The university plans to realign Semester 1 to a 12-week block, to complete the currently scheduled learning and teaching activities by Friday May 29 2020.
  • From Monday March 23, all QUT lectures will be delivered online and most other learning and teaching activity will be delivered online from Monday 30 March. QUT will remain in online mode for lectures for the remaining of Semester 1. Their libraries, computer labs and student support areas will remain open and operate as usual.

  • From Monday 23 March 2020:

    • All lectures will be live-streamed

    • For one week, all tutorials, workshops, laboratories, studios and small team-based learning activities will be paused, unless otherwise advised by your particular faculty

    • Student placements and internships during the week will continue unless otherwise advised.

  • The university’s mid-semester break for students will be extended by one week. This means learning and teaching activities will finish on Friday April 3rd 2020 and resume on Monday April 20th 2020. At that time, the university’s goal is to have the majority of learning and teaching activities in an online mode, supplemented by necessary small group activities with appropriate distancing and hygiene measures in place.

  • The university plans to realign Semester 1 to a 12-week block, to complete the currently scheduled learning and teaching activities by Friday 29 May 2020.

  • QUT has a dedicated webpage for Coronavirus updates.
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James Cook University

  • All face-to-face teaching scheduled to be delivered on the Townsville and Cairns campuses will be paused from Monday March 23 to Friday March 27. This includes lectures, tutorials, practicals and assessments. This time will allow relevant lecturers to fast-track transition to online delivery of subjects and for the University to implement additional social distancing measures, as part of JCU’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • The University will remain open during the teaching pause, subject to any further direction by the Government. The library, study areas, student enquiry centre, support services, on-campus accommodation, and campus facilities will be open and available during this time. JCU encourages students to stay engaged with their studies during the pause week and to continue to use on campus facilities and services.
  • Those courses able to convert to online delivery will do so from March 30, with all others to follow from 6 April. Classes, tutorials, labs and workshops will resume in Townsville and Cairns on Monday March 30 for those programs yet to commence online delivery. During that week, academic staff will be able to advise their students in-person on the changed arrangements for their courses.
  • Changes to Results System
    We understand that this is a stressful period for students, especially those who are moving from face-to-face delivery to an online environment delivery mode.  To reduce the pressure on students, particularly those who feel their academic performance might be adversely affected, we will be implementing a simplified grading system for subjects commenced before 27 July 2020.

    Under the simplified results system, students will be issued with a subject result of Satisfactory or Unsatisfactory upon completion of the subject. 
  • JCU has a dedicated webpage for Coronavirus updates.
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Griffith University

  • Griffith University is moving to practice social distancing. They will be doing this in a staged approach over the next few weeks.

  • From Thursday 19 March, Griffith will have:

    • Suspended all lectures with more than 100 attendees.

    • Started moving smaller lectures to remote delivery for the start of next week.

  • No lectures will be delivered face to face after Friday 20 March.

  • Over the following two to three weeks, they will work to move all other teaching to remote/online modes.

  • Griffith will also consider the timing of other activities, such as laboratories, clinics and work-integrated learning that cannot be delivered online. They may move these forward or delay them in the event of campus closures.

  • They may also adjust the timing of or modify assessment for online delivery as required.

  • Please keep an eye on your student emails and Learning@Griffith messages for updates regarding each of your classes.

  • The University has a dedicated webpage for Coronavirus updates.
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University of Wollongong

  • Wollongong will bring forward the Autumn mid-session break to commence on 23 March and conclude on 3 April. Note this decision excludes the Faculty of Business postgraduate trimester subjects. The University has confirmed that when (Session I) classes resume from April 6 via online delivery, assessments will also be conducted in remote mode or via other arrangements.
  • During these two weeks (March 23 – April 3), all UOW campuses, library, facilities, research and administrative functions will remain open.

  • Classes will recommence in remote delivery mode from April 6. In order to accommodate this mid-session break, Autumn session will end on June 12.

  • While services will be open as usual, all students are encouraged to keep visits to the campus to a minimum over this break.

  • Students will receive further communications in the coming days with details about the new modes of delivery and restarting of teaching from Monday April 6.

  • The University has a dedicated webpage for Coronavirus updates.
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