If you are studying in Turkey, you are required to obtain a visa. This may seem daunting but don’t worry – your program manager will walk you through every step, and send you a complete Visa Pack with full instructions and details to help you obtain your visa. If you are traveling internationally in the months leading up to your program start date, please let your program manager know.

Apply with the Turkish Consulates

The visa process for Turkey is administered in the U.S. by a series of consulate offices located throughout the country. Each consulate office administers student visas in a slightly different way, so please pay special attention to the specific requirements at your Consulate. The requirements below are what most consulates request; however, each consulate reserves the right to require more (or less) documentation and may utilize different application forms. For this reason we highly recommend that you contact your consulate to confirm their specific requirements/procedures. Additionally, most consulates will allow you to apply via mail, though it is important that you confirm this with your respective consulate.

Step by Step Turkey Visa Process

Step 1: Passport

Be sure you have a valid, signed passport that will be good for at least six months following the completion of the program. If you do not have a passport , please begin the process of securing one immediately.

Step 2: Turkish Consulate of Jurisdiction

You will need to apply for your student visa from a Turkish Consulate representing the jurisdiction where you live at a permanent address.

Be certain to contact your Turkish Consulate to understand their specific requirements for the visa application process as each Consulate follows slightly different rules. These rules may change without notice and it is your responsibility to know exactly what is expected of you at your particular Consulate.

For residents of Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Connecticut, Maine, Vermont and Rhode Island:

The Turkish Consulate General in Boston
Email: consulate.boston@mfa.gov.tr

For residents of Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota, Ohio, South Dakota and Wisconsin:

The Turkish Consulate General in Chicago
Email: consulate.chicago@mfa.gov.tr

For residents of Texas, Alabama, Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, New Mexico, Oklahoma and Tennessee:

The Turksih Consulate General in Houston
Email: consulate.houston@mfa.gov.tr

For residents of Alaska, Arizona, Colorado, Idaho, California, Montana, Nevada, Oregon, Utah, Washington, Wyoming and Hawaii:

The Turkish Embassy in Los Angeles
Email: consulate.losangeles@mfa.gov.tr

For residents of Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina:

The Turkish Embassy in Miami
Email: consulate.miami@mfa.gov.tr

For residents of Delaware, New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania:

The Turkish Embassy in New York
Email: consulate.newyork@mfa.gov.tr

For residents of Maryland, Virginia and West Virginia:

The Turkish Embassy in Washington, DC
Email: embassy.washingtondc@mfa.gov.tr

Be sure to make copies of everything for your records.

If you have any questions regarding the visa process, contact your program manager or call 1-866-927-2234.


Step 3: Submitting Your Application to the Consulate

To apply for a student visa, the following items are required by most consulates:

  • Passport – You will need to submit your passport with your application. The consulate will keep your passport during the application period and then place the visa on a blank page in your passport once approved.
  • Completed Education Visa Application Form – The application form must be completed, and is available though your Consulate.
  • One recent, passport-sized photo to attach to your application. See photo requirements.
  • Official Acceptance Letter from Kadir Has University – You will receive an official Acceptance Letter from Kadir Has in your Visa Pack.
  • Certification of Enrollment Letter from Arcadia University – You will receive an original Arcadia Certificate of Enrollment Letter in your Visa Pack.
  • Non-refundable education visa processing fee. The amount may differ among consulates, please confirm the specific amount required. Payments must be made in cash or by money order; personal checks are not accepted.
  • Return Mailer – If you would like your passport (with visa) returned to you by mail, you must provide a self-addressed prepaid return envelope (USPS/FEDEX/UPS) to be shipped from the consulate office to your address. Please note that some consulates may ask that you provide payment instead of a return mailer.

The following items may be required by your Consulate; however, it is highly recommended that you confirm with your consulate whether or not they are needed:

  • Bank Account Statement or Letter – The Consulate will require an original bank statement or an original bank letter to prove that you have funds to support yourself while living in Turkey.
    • If you are being supported by someone other than yourself, then the consulate may request a letter from your parent/guardian/sponsor stating that they will be financially responsible for you, plus a bank statement or letter.
  • Copy of your round trip flight itinerary – The Consulate may require a copy of your flight itinerary verifying an arrival and departure flight. If you do not have an itinerary showing that you are returning to the U.S. at the end of your stay, your visa application could be rejected. Most consulates will accept a copy/print out from your travel agent/service or airline.
  • Housing/Accommodation Letter

Other important notes:

  • As previously mentioned, each Turkish Consulate retains the right to amend its visa process at any time. Please refer back to your consulate's website or contact them directly with any questions pertaining to their requirements.
  • Retain at least one photocopy of all documents presented to the Consulate.
  • If you are submitting by mail, you should utilize a trackable service, such as UPS, DHL, USPS Express Mailer, etc. – don’t forget to record your tracking number.

Step 4: Turksih Residence Permit – After Arrival

After your arrival in Turkey, you will work with Arcadia's Resident Director, Dr. Alper Camci, to obtain your Turkish Residence permit. You do NOT need to take any additional steps before your arrival, just be aware that it is a process that you will have to undertake once in Turkey.

IMPORTANT: Because you must have your Residence Permit to freely leave and enter Turkey after your first entry (arrival), it is important to plan trips outside of Turkey for later in the semester. Dr. Camci, and Kadir Has staff, will discuss this process with you during the Arcadia Istanbul orientation.