Study abroad with Arcadia in Turkey

If you seek to explore different worlds, Turkey could be the gateway to start your journey. Based in a captivating, cosmopolitan city where East literally meets West, The Arcadia program in Istanbul offers an unprecedented opportunity for academic and personal discovery.

Our program in Turkey is based out of our center in Istanbul, a fascinating mega-city that is the economic and cultural hub of Turkey. We work in academic partnership with Kadir Has University, a leader in research and innovative education with an international perspective, to offer semester and academic year study abroad programs. We teach our own core course and support students as they pursue courses at Kadir Has University and/or an internship placement.

  • Our local faculty and staff work hard to help you adjust to life in Turkey both academically and culturally, with a strong program for learning outside the classroom.
  • We develop a range of activities to introduce you into communities so you can learn and connect with local people and places. Such excursions and field trips are both within Istanbul and also to other key places of interest in the country such as Cappadocia, Ephesus and Hierapolis – Pamukkale.
  • Your daily life will connect you both with Kadir Has University, the Arcadia Istanbul Center, your apartment and student life in Cihangir and the local community.