Find your place in a diverse, epic and stunningly beautiful country

There is truly something for everyone in Turkey – an eclectic and fascinating country where the ancient and the modern, and the religious and the secular survive. You’ll immediately feel the weight of history when you arrive – from Byzantine Christians, to Ottoman Sultans, Romans, whirling dervishes and more. This unique place, a gateway between East and West, tells many stories over 10,000 years of history.

Turkey’s strategic location has always kept it vital on the world stage - from the center of great silk and spices trade to the gateway between modern western life and eastern cultures.

Dotted with battlegrounds and ruins of castles and palaces of empires gone by, history buffs can immerse themselves in the treasures of Turkey’s past, stretching back to the dawn of civilization. Those who are more interested in contemporary life will enjoy the country’s exuberant people, cuisine and way of life – and that’s just the kebabs, carpets and bazaars. You’ll have fun trying exquisite food, visiting stunning landscapes and beaches and exploring a wide range of activities.

So whether you want to soak up the sun and warm waters of the Mediterranean, look for adventure in Nemrut Daği National Park, explore ancient ruins of Ephesus or seek the culture and nightlife in the modern city of Istanbul, this country will keep you on your toes.

I gained independence, cultural awareness, a command of basic Turkish language and so much knowledge about Turkey’s culture, history and geography! ”

Alena Hejl

Macalester College Student

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