Use this exciting city to explore global issues through English

This summer you could study, through English, in the beautiful city of Barcelona, Spain, a place renowned for its architectural splendor, warm Mediterranean climate, vibrant, young population and cultural treasures. This program gives you the chance to study globalization, while learning about Barcelona’s rise to prominence over the last 20 years. Immerse yourself in the culture and society of the city with a camera in hand; see how sport plays out in the daily lives of Europeans; or pursue a general art history course.

This program is part of the Summer Sessions initiative, allowing you to take one or both sessions or mix a session on this program with a session on a program in another country.

You’ll choose one three-credit course in a session from the choices below:

Session 1

  • Documentary Photography: European & American Voices Compared – This course is dedicated to the fundamentals and techniques of 35mm color photography, taking an artistic look at this stunning city. Express yourself while learning and visiting world famous sites in and around Barcelona, museums and artifacts. (Please note you will need your own camera.)
  • Rags to Riches: The Transformation of Barcelona – Success for Barcelona is a double edged sword. Investigate what makes it such an attractive and exciting place but also understand the side-effects of its success – economic inequality, high housing prices, immigration. What does the independence debate indicate for the future? What is the legacy of the Spanish Civil War? Through lectures and excursions around symbolic parts of the city, you will experience the true transformation of a city.

Session 2

  • Sport, Culture and Society in Europe: The Case of Spain – This innovative course looks at the key role that sport plays within contemporary European society, especially the sociopolitical use of sport in Spain from the Francoist dictatorship to present day. How do these issues interplay with wider global issues of racism, identity and nationalism?

Arcadia staff in our Barcelona Center, will ensure you find your feet and make the most of this exciting opportunity, seeing famous sites, meeting the locals and learning about the enviable Barcelona lifestyle and culture.

Fees & Scholarship Details
Term/Period Departure Date Return Credits Base Program Fee Application Deadline
Summer 2016 TBA TBA 3-6 $3,850 3/31/2016 More Info

Program fees listed are base fees only. Please select MORE INFO for an estimate of additional expenses and any additional fees that may be incurred based on enrollment selections or housing placements. Dates and fees for future terms will be posted as they become available. Please see Program Calendar for detailed dates.

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