Scottish Business in the Arts Courses

This eight-week summer program earns 7.5 credits and is specifically designed to assist non-business majors to learn about the operations of business organizations in the arts and culture sector. There are two integral components: 

  • Four-week academic course on business principles: Business Policy and Strategy; Marketing; Human Resource Management; Finance and Accounting; Operations Management; and Enterprise.
  • Four-week internship course: placement with a business organization in the arts and culture sector operating during the Edinburgh Festival. Guidance on project definition, an overview of research methodologies and an introduction to literature searches will be given in two research methodologies seminars prior to the beginning of the internship. There will be two components of assessment:
    • 80% Individual written report circa 1,700-2,000 words.
    • 20% Internship attendance and report submitted by internship hosts.
  • Make sure your credits transfer back for credit with your home school- this is your responsibility.
  • Please review your course choices with your academic or study abroad advisor.


Course ID Title Credits Term course
BUST 08016A Business in the Arts IA 2.5 Summer Overview
BUST 08016B Business in the Arts IB 2.5 Summer Overview
BUST 08017 Business in the Arts II 2.5 Summer Overview
BUST 08019 Business in the Arts Internship 2.5 Summer Overview