Student Travel

We try to make your travel overseas as easy and affordable as possible. Please note that you must physically attend all of your Arcadia orientation in Italy, which begins on the posted program arrival date. To get yourself there on-time, you’ll have many travel aspects to consider, including obtaining your Visa.

  • Group Arrivals: Arcadia has organized a Group Flight for certain programs. Group flights are met by the Arcadia in-country staff and you will be provided transportation to either your orientation venue or program site.
  • Individual Travel: Arcadia in-country staff will be on hand at designated times on the program arrival date to assist you if you are arriving independently.
  • Meeting Up with Staff: Please refer to the "What to Expect When I Arrive" information your program manager will send you as it contains specific information regarding flight times, time and location for Arcadia staff airport pick-up, and other details specific to your program.
  • Joining Up with the Group: When available, if you traveling independently and arriving just prior to the group flight arrival time, you are welcome to join the Arcadia staff airport pick-up.
  • Arriving Prior to Scheduled Arrival Date/ Arriving Late: If you are arriving on an earlier date or later than the designated staff pick-up times on the scheduled arrival day, you will be responsible for their own transportation to the orientation venue or program.
  • Don’t forget to complete the Online Flight Form once you have booked.

Booking your flight

You are responsible for arranging and purchasing your own flight. Please Note:. If you want to travel before or after your program dates please check your visa requirements.

For programs that do not have arranged group flights, we recommend you book through our travel provider Student Universe to avail of discounted student fares on suggested available flights, or on individual student bookings. In addition, Student Universe staff are very familiar with our programs and offer date change flexibility. To book your travel, please visit Student Universe/Arcadia and choose your appropriate country and program.

Once you have made your booking, you are required to complete the Online Flight Form.

Vacation Travel Tips

  • Wait until you are in-country to make travel plans for during your program so you know your class schedule and assessment dates.
  • Choose a good guidebook such as those from Lets Go or Lonely Planet. You can also check online sources, maps and street views for country background, attractions, locally filmed movies, local author books to read etc.
  • Research rail passes and student discount opportunities that will save you a lot of money on transport in Europe and entry fees. Eg. Eurailpass. Some such passes must be purchased in the U.S. and can be insured.
  • Join the Youth Hostel Association in the U.S. – Youth Hostels are inexpensive and fun student accommodation found around the world: For more visit: Hostelling International USA.
  • Check out our FAQs for more tips on what to pack.