Bonn, set on the banks of the Rhine River, is a relaxed, friendly city that is rich with history and culture. Among Bonn’s famous residents, was Ludwig von Beethoven, born in 1770. Bonn is centrally located, an easy trip to Cologne, and with Paris, Amsterdam and Brussels no more than three hours away by train. It is also a great jumping off point to the nearby Siebengebirge nature reserve and other attractions.

In 1949, Bonn became West Germany’s temporary capital, until the reunited German government decided to move back to Berlin in 1991, after the Berlin Wall came down, reuniting West and East Germany. Today, the former capital city is a cosmopolitan, open, and creative place, which has attracted a wide range of international organizations such as the United Nations, as well as being a haven for students, scientists and forward-thinking businesses.