Paris needs no introduction – its glamorous, cosmopolitan, and legendary reputation as a must-see destination is known by all. Few world capitals combine the history, ambience, culture and panache of the city of light.

As one of the most chic and refined destinations in the world, Paris delights and surprises at every turn – from the somber facades of its terraced apartment buildings, to the magnificent stature of the Eiffel Tower, to the famed flying buttresses of the gothic Cathedral of Notre Dame. Experiencing the proximity of its famous monuments and drinking in its unique metropolitan flavor, it is a place that will feel all at once familiar and entirely new.

Paris is a city of discoveries, from the enigmatic gaze of the Mona Lisa in the Louvre, to the little-out-of-the-way al fresco coffee shop where you can people-watch while sipping café au lait and nibbling on a decadent pastry. Paris, as a capital of fashion, cuisine, science, design, literature, government and culture, bustles with a distinct and ebullient energy within viewing distance of the romantic and moody River Seine.

As a student in Paris, you will get to experience all this and more. As a complement to your study of French language and government, you will enjoy countless once-in-a-lifetime moments in this magnificent city that is without par.