As a student on the French and Politics in Paris program, you will have the option of living in a family homestay or in a residence. Please be sure to review the general France accommodation information.


If you prefer a more independent style of accommodation, you will prefer living in a self-catered residence, located in a residential neighborhood just outside the boundary marking the old walls of central Paris. Most rooms will be shared by two students with an en suite bathroom. Rooms are also equipped with a kitchenette where you will prepare your meals. Restaurants, a grocery store and other shops are all within walking distance. Like most Parisians, you will rely on the metro to get around the city and commute to classes.


If you are keen to fully immerse yourself in French culture, you may prefer living in a family homestay. As part of the family homestay, you will have your own bedroom and receive breakfast and dinner each day. You will also have the opportunity to improve your French language skills and overall understanding of French culture by engaging in conversations with your family over meals. Family residences are located throughout Paris, in the neighborhoods around AGS and the Alliance Française. You will commute between home and class by metro.