About the American Graduate School in Paris (AGS)

Established in 1993 by a trio of professors with a vision for international relations through the 21st century, American Graduate School in Paris (AGS) is an independent, private, American institution of higher education which is an officially affiliated campus of Arcadia University. The school boasts a distinguished international faculty and a strong commitment to individual student goals and objectives. Located on the left bank of the Seine in a cosmopolitan area between the Latin Quarter and Montparnasse, the school provides students with academic, practical, and observational experiences, set within the framework of a curriculum that is insightful, innovative, and multi-dimensional. The school offers MA and Ph.D programs as well as summer and semester options for undergraduates.

About the Alliance Française

What better place than Paris to learn the language of France from a renowned faculty with a passion for all things French? As a truly international institution, the Alliance Française brings the study of French language and culture to diverse adult learners in 129 countries. The Alliance Paris, located in the city's heart, boasts not only highly-trained faculty but an enthusiastic student body, as well as innumerable language and culture learning resources and opportunities. An integral part of the Alliance's facilities is a multimedia resource center, available to students to facilitate and enhance further language study.