As a student on this program, you are guaranteed university-managed housing, either on- or off-campus. You'll live in single or double rooms. If you are a spring semester student, please remember that all housing options are based on room availability after the fall term or fall semester. You must remain in your assigned housing for the full duration of your program. For more information please see the main accommodation page for England. 

  • All kitchens are equipped with stoves, refrigerators and cabinets for food storage. You will need to provide crockery, dishes and kitchen utensils. We recommend purchasing these upon arrival.
  • All on-campus rooms are equipped with telephones, which can be connected by the student via Keycom, the operating company.
  • All on-campus residences also offer a broadband-type internet connection via the University’s network.
  • Computer lab facilities are available on-campus.

Your housing options at University of Sussex include:

  • Park Houses: There are four Park Houses (Norwich, York, Lancaster and Kent). You’ll live in single study bedrooms with shared kitchens between approximately 12 students. Each house has its own laundry rooms and television room.
  • Park Village: Park Village consists of adjoining three story houses which are laid out to create a quad-like effect. You’ll live in a single study room, with shared kitchens, bathrooms, shower and toilet facilities. There is also a social center which houses the manager's office, the porter's lodge, a television room and a student bar.
  • East Slope: You’ll live in single or shared rooms for groups of 6-12 students in shared apartments, or flats, with a kitchen/dining room, shower and toilet facilities. There is also a social center which houses the manager, the porter and a student bar.
  • Lewes Court: Located next to Park Village, you’ll live in a single room with shared kitchen/dining room and bath, shower and toilet facilities. Some of the flats have been specially designed for disabled students.
  • University Residences in Brighton and Hove: The University owns a number of properties in Brighton and Hove, including a former hotel in Hove, which are 10-15 minutes by train from the University campus plus a walk to the train station. The house in Hove is a former hotel. All of these residences have communal kitchens and bathroom facilities.