As a student on the Pembroke-King's Summer Program, you are guaranteed university housing. You'll live in single rooms on or next to the King's and Pembroke campuses. Both King's and Pembroke Colleges are centrally located and are only minutes away from the center of Cambridge. 

Founded in 1441 by Henry VI, King's College, is distinguished as being one of the first colleges to admit women as well as being a strong advocate for the admission of non-traditional students. Pembroke College is built around beautiful gardens and courtyards and is known for its relaxed environment, as well as for its academic excellence.

The four categories of housing at Cambridge are labeled from Band 1-4. On your housing form, you will be able to select which band you want, but not a specific residence within that category. Band 3 and Band 4 housing includes a supplemental cost that is not included in your housing fee. For additional information please also see the main housing page for England.

  • Dining is a central part of student life at Cambridge, and food is traditionally of a high standard. King's and Pembroke Colleges use free-range, fair trade, and locally-sourced foods where possible and can cater to many special dietary needs—please notify us in advance so we can ensure your particular needs are accommodated.
  • 10 meals per week are included; breakfast is always included and either lunch or dinner will also be provided.  
  • Dinners known as 'Formal Halls' are also offered by the colleges, and give students the opportunity to dine by candlelight in ancient, atmospheric surroundings. You can find out more information about the food and dining options in Halls by visiting the Pembroke College Kitchen blog.
  • All housing includes access to kitchen. There are also several cafes located on the campuses, and there is an even wider variety of markets and restaurants available nearby in the town of Cambridge.

Band 1: Fitzwilliam Street, Tennis Court Road, Trumpington Street, Garden Hostel, and St Clement's Gardens

  • The grand 19th-century Victorian houses at Fitzwilliam Street, owned by Pembroke College, are located less than a 10 minute walk from Pembroke and King's Colleges. They are modern inside, with shared bathrooms and kitchens, and very close to the famous Fitzwilliam Museum.
  • Located on the corner of Fitzwilliam Street and Tennis Court Road, within a couple hundred feet of the Fitzwilliam Street Houses, Tennis Court Road is a well-appointed and comfortable King's College-owned residence. TCR has a large communal TV room, shared bathrooms, and a spacious, shared kitchen.
  • The recently remodeled Trumpington Street Hostel provides single rooms with shared kitchen and bathroom facilities, and is only a 5 minute walk from Pembroke College.
  • Garden Hostel is located near the University Library and offers large single rooms in a modern residence, with shared bathroom and kitchen facilities.
  • St Clement's Gardens provides single rooms with shared bathrooms in terraced housing, only a 10 minute walk from King's College.

Band 2: Spalding Hostel and Fitzwilliam Street Houses (en-suite rooms), Trumpington Street Hostel and St Clement's Gardens

  • Spalding Hostel, a King's College-owned residence, is located just off the Market Square right at the heart of the city and close to King's College. Spalding is an architecturally diverse building with room styles that vary enormously. Many are very quirky with attractive period features; some rooms have panoramic cityscape views. You’ll have a private washbasin and fridge, with shared cooking and bathroom facilities and a large common room with a TV and DVD player.
  • The Fitzwilliam Street rooms that are in Band 3 have private bathrooms.
  • A few sets (individual combined living room and bedroom) are available in Band 3 at Trumpington Street Hostel and St Clement's Gardens.

Band 3: King's College Rooms, Pembroke College Rooms, and Spalding Hostel sets

  • You’ll have a single room with shared bathrooms and kitchens in the King's College Rooms, located within King's College, and older in design, as they are part of original College buildings. You’ll mingle with other students on Bodley's Court, where walking on the grass is allowed.
    • Many of the rooms offer a stunning view over the river and over the King's back lawn towards the Chapel.
    • Webb's Court is located adjacent to Bodley's Court, and offers a variety of single rooms served by communal facilities. Webb's Court also houses the college's laundry facilities.
    • The A Staircase rooms in King's College are very centrally located near the canteen and bar, and many offer excellent views across the college's front lawn and onto the Chapel.
  • You’ll live in a spacious 19th and 20th century single bedrooms in the Pembroke College Rooms, located within the gates of Pembroke College.
    • You’ll have shared bathroom and kitchen facilities in the Orchard Building, and a sweeping overlook the Bowling Green (one of the oldest in Europe), the Orchard and Ivy Court.
    • The Red Buildings, designed in the 1870s by Alfred Waterhouse, overlook the Red Buildings Lawn, one of the few lawns in Cambridge on which undergraduates may study, soak up the sun and play croquet. These rooms also face Pembroke College's library - another Waterhouse building - on the far side of the lawn. Outward facing rooms look across Trumpington Street to the Gothic chapel at Peterhouse, the neighboring college.
  • You’ll have a living room and bedroom together with shared kitchen and bathroom facilities in the Spalding Hostel Sets, centrally located near King's College and close to the Arts Theatre.

Band 4: King's College Housing Sets, Pembroke College Sets, and St Edward's Passage

  • In the King's College Sets and Pembroke College Sets, traditional Cambridge rooms, you’ll live in a larger than average rooms located on-site at King's College or Pembroke College. You’ll have a living room and separate bedroom area, with shared bathrooms and kitchens. Many rooms offer stunning views.

The modern and comfortable rooms in St Edward's Passage are located in a quaint, well-appointed house, directly across the road from King's College, a couple of hundred feet from the college's front gate. You’ll live in a single room with an en-suite bathroom and shower. The buildings include a full shared kitchen with dining tables and chairs.