Arcadia in Chile Program Courses

Spanish Language, Chilean Culture and Latin American Studies

Students of all Spanish levels, from beginner to advanced, will take Spanish language and Chilean culture in addition to electives of their choice that are taught in English or Spanish. All students will take a placement test at PUCV during orientation to determine Spanish language level and elective eligibility. There are a variety of interesting and compelling courses in Latin American studies available to studies of all levels at PUCV's international school, as well as the possibility to enroll directly in a specific academic department to take courses with Chilean students.

Direct enroll in academic departments: Courses in individual academic departments vary in terms of credits, so please consult the PUCV website directly and search by academic division and department on their main directory.


Completing the Preliminary Course Form

All students must complete a Preliminary Course Form in Arcadia Passport. When completing this form, you should include 6-7 credits of Spanish language and culture courses (please note that you will be placed into the appropriate language level during orientation). For the electives, please select 11-12 credits' worth of courses, indicating more of them as possible back-up choices (please designate them as back-up on your form). The total semester load for this program is between 14-19 credits. Please also be sure to list all courses in order of preference.

If you are not sure as to your Spanish level and eligibility for certain courses, please provide an educated guess based on your experience with Spanish and what types of classes you wish to take at PUCV. You can always consult your Program Manager to be sure. Students who wish to take specific courses in PUCV's academic departments should at least be taking higher level electives at their home universities (taught in Spanish) in order to be considered.

Language and Culture 

Course IDTitleCreditsSchoolTermSyllabus
PIIE 141 Spanish oral comprehension and oral production, beginner level 4 PUCV Spring/Fall PDF
PIIE 152 Spanish Reading Comprehension and Writing Production, Beginner level  4  PUCV  Spring/Fall PDF
PIIE 161 Spanish Grammar and Vocabulary, Beginner level 4  PUCV Spring/Fall  PDF
PIIE 240 Español Comunicacional y Cultura Chilena - Intermedio 6 PUCV Spring/Fall   PDF
PIIE 250 Español Escrito - Intermedio 3 PUCV Spring/Fall   PDF  
PIIE 260 Gramática para Extranjeros 1 4 PUCV  Spring/Fall  PDF 
PIIE 340 Español Comunicacional y Cultura Chilena - Avanzado 6 PUCV Spring/Fall  PDF 
PIIE 350 Español Escrito - Avanzado 3 PUCV Spring/Fall   PDF 
PIIE 360 Gramática para Extranjeros 2 4 PUCV Spring/Fall   PDF
PIIE 460 Gramática para Extranjeros 3 4 PUCV Spring/Fall  PDF


Course IDTitleCreditsSchoolTermSyllabus
PIIE 410 Contemporary Latin American Literature PUCV Spring/Fall PDF
PIIE 411 Contemporary Latin American Films PUCV  Spring/Fall  PDF 
PIIE 415 Ecoliterature/Ecocriticism: Representations of Nature in Contemporary Latin American Literature 4 PUCV  Spring/Fall   PDF 
PIIE 420 Pre-Columbian Art and Society PUCV  Spring/Fall   PDF
PIIE 421 Political and Social Change in Chile and Latin America PUCV  Spring/Fall  PDF  
PIIE 430 International Relations PUCV  Spring/Fall  PDF
PIIE 432 Latin American Gender Studies 4 PUCV Spring/Fall  PDF 
PIIE 440 Globalization and Social Justice  4 PUCV Spring/Fall  PDF