Arcadia in Chile Summer Program Courses

This six-week summer program is worth nine credits. While in Chile you will take one Spanish Language course (3 credits) based on your proficiency in Spanish, and Globalization and Social Justice (6 credits) which is taught in English.

  • Make sure your credits transfer back for credit with your home school – this is your responsibility.
  • Please be flexible about courses – we can’t guarantee placement in specific courses.
  • Please review your course choices with your academic or study abroad advisor, and submit the online course registration form to The College of Global Studies at Arcadia University.

Completing the Preliminary Course Form

All students must complete a Preliminary Course Form, available on Arcadia Passport, as part of the application process. When selecting a Spanish language course, you should provide an educated estimate of which level you may take in Chile. Final Spanish language level is determined by placement at orientation.

Spanish Language Course

Course IDTitleCreditsSchoolTermSyllabus
  Beginning Spanish Language 3 PCUV Spring/Fall  
  Intermediate Spanish Language 3 PCUV Spring/Fall  
  Advanced Spanish Language 3 PCUV Spring/Fall  

Central Course

Course IDTitleCreditsSchoolTermSyllabus
  Globalization and Social Justice 6 PCUV Spring/Fall