Study between beaches and the foot of Mt. Keira

Would you like an 83-acre campus nestled between beautiful bushland at the foot of Mt. Kiera and the stunning coastline while only an hour south of Sydney? University of Wollongong is perfect if you want access to Sydney’s events, culture and nightlife, but want to live in a quieter, more intimate and affordable community that’s popular with study abroad students who love the outdoors.

This diverse and multicultural university offers comprehensive course offerings, from robotics to creative writing and indigenous studies, and a highly personalized student environment. The university is well known for engineering and materials sciences. Of course, you're not limited to these subjects. Many students at Wollongong choose courses in psychology, business or media studies. The Student Support Services will help you settle in and make friends easily in this very welcoming and social campus.

I came back from that trip with a more focused approach to what to study, where I want my career to take me, and how to better the world with my work. I gained a deeper sense of connection to, and love for, nature, something I did not think was possible. ”

Michael A. Berger

Case Western Reserve University Student, University of Wollongong

  • Courses in developmental and social psychology, cognition and perception tend to match with courses required in most psychology curricula in US higher education.

  • The city is surrounded by a national park and has 17 patrolled beaches – the perfect environment for an amazing range of recreational activities, from swimming and surfing, to parasailing, windsurfing, fishing, sailing, scuba diving, biking, hiking and mountain climbing - hike up Mt Keira for sunrise; head to the beach for sunset.

  • A free bus service to/from/around the university makes getting from campus to the city, home or the beach all that much easier.

Fees & Scholarship Details
Term/Period Departure Date Return Credits Base Program Fee Application Deadline
Academic Year 2016 7/10/2016 6/24/2017 24-32 $31,300 3/15/2016 More Info
Spring 2017 2/12/2017 6/24/2017 12-16 $18,570 11/15/2016 More Info
Academic Year Southern Hemisphere 2017 2/12/2017 11/17/2017 24-32 $31,660 11/15/2016 More Info
Academic Year 2017 TBA TBA 24-32 $33,680 3/15/2017 More Info
Fall 2017 7/9/2017 11/17/2017 12-16 $18,980 3/15/2017 More Info
Spring 2018 TBA TBA TBA TBA 11/15/2017  
Academic Year Southern Hemisphere 2018 TBA TBA TBA TBA 11/15/2017  

Program fees listed are base fees only. Please select MORE INFO for an estimate of additional expenses and any additional fees that may be incurred based on enrollment selections or housing placements. Dates and fees for future terms will be posted as they become available. Please see Program Calendar for detailed dates.

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As a participant on an Arcadia program, you are guaranteed accommodation. Our priority is to provide a safe, clean, cost-effective and convenient place for you to live, while offering you every opportunity to explore the local culture and community.


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