As a participant on the Sydney Internship program, you will live in a student apartment. All accommodation is self-catered; you will have access to kitchen facilities to prepare your own meals. As you read the information below, please be sure to review the general accommodation information for Australia.

Sydney University Village

Located adjacent to the University of Sydney, Sydney University Village (SUV) offers accommodation in five person, shared apartments and single bedroom, studio flats. Each shared apartment features private bedrooms as well as a shared bathroom and kitchen. Studio units have private bathrooms and have access to a communal kitchen facility on site, so all residents can prepare their own meals. Other amenities include a recreation and games room, a café, a convenience store and a resource center with computer, printing and scanning facilities. SUV is conveniently located in close proximity to multiple bus routes.

Student Apartments

These are fully furnished, self contained apartments/homes usually with 2-4 bedrooms. They are located in close proximity to the University of Sydney. Students will share a bedroom, and will share the apartment with other international students. They will be responsible for their own cooking, cleaning and laundry.