As a student at Monash University, you will live in one of the On Campus Residences. All accommodation is self-catered; you will have access to kitchen facilities to prepare your meals. You can also purchase food at the joint dining hall. While most students live on the Clayton campus, there are student apartments on the Caulfield campus.  A free shuttle services provides travel between the campuses, which are roughly five miles apart. The service also provides free transportation to and from the Brandon Park shopping center each Saturday. As you read the information below, please be sure to review the general accommodation information for Australia.  

Clayton Campus

Deakin Hall

The university’s oldest residential hall, Deakin houses 155 students in spacious single bedrooms. The Hall Society serves as the social committee, arranging activities including pre-dinner drinks sessions, pasta dinners and coffee nights.

Farrer Hall

A very social college, Farrer Hall’s Floor Society organizes many activities and events for its 200 residents including the annual Farrer Ball. Bathroom facilities at Farrer are shared between men and women.

Howitt Hall

A twelve story building, Howitt is the tallest residence on campus. The hall provides accommodation for just under 200 students and the Howitt Hall Society organizes a number of social and sporting activities; popular events include the Hall Olympics and an evening boat cruise Yarra River.

Richardson Hall

Providing accommodation for 180 students, Richardson Hall is divided into apartment areas with single bedrooms for 4 – 6 students as well as a shared bathroom and kitchenette. Larger, communal kitchens are available on each floor. Richardson Hall’s society organizes a number of activities and events for students ranging from inter-hall sports teams to themed dinner nights.

Roberts Hall

With 174 residents from 24 countries, Roberts Hall has an international atmosphere. Students are accommodated in single bedrooms and can take advantage of the wide range of sporting and social activities organized by the Roberts Hall Society.

*Please note that depending upon your accommodation assignment, an additional fee may apply. Please ask your Program Manager for details.