Alan Jansen is a native and resident of Cape Town, who has experience with both South African and North American higher education systems. Initially trained and pursuing a career in mechanical engineering in South Africa, his developing interests in education and psychology led to further undergraduate and then post-graduate studies in these fields. Dr. Jansen holds a Ph.D. from the University of Cape Town and was a research fellow at Yale University.

Dr. Jansen spent fifteen years as president of Cornerstone College in Cape Town, where he developed international programs in conjunction with several US universities and colleges. He has consulted on the development of the Colby, Bates, Bowdoin independent study-abroad program in Cape Town, as well as lecturing on that program in South African History and Culture.

He is the founder and Director of Leadership Matters, an organizational leadership consultancy firm, and has been recently involved as an associate staff member at the Centre for Coaching of the UCT Graduate School of Business. His interest and professional and voluntary involvement in developing intercultural leadership skills, his experience in international educational exchange, and his depth of management experience are all qualities he brings to leading and developing Arcadia's programs in South Africa.