The Three P's of Pre-departure: Panic, Pro-packing, and People

Fiona Bell University of Auckland, New Zealand


July 11, 2017

Panic. I woke up this morning and realized it was my last full day at home. While still in the awkward half asleep, half awake state I got incredibly excited by the prospect of leaving for my adventure in almost 24 hours. Once the fog of sleep started to clear though, I came to realize that I was no prepared to leave. I had not started packing, there were still typical Colorado summer activities that I had not completed, and there was the blatantly obvious fact that I was going to a foreign country for almost half a year. Needless to say the panic set in real quick.

Pro-Packing. Panic is a great motivator. Just like the night before a final exam, my adrenalin spiked and I started packing like a mad woman. Thankfully due to my vast experience in moving in and out of dorm rooms and going on vacations, I managed to skillfully, and aggressively shove all my entire six month wardrobe (shoes and clothes) along with my sleeping bag into my favorite backpacking backpack. Honestly, it was an intense work out.

People. Once I had finished packing, I did the most important thing to do on the last day. I spent my time with the important people in my life. I Skyped my best friends, spent some quality time with my family, and pampered my cats as much as they would let me (pets are people too).

After a whirlwind day of emotions, I feel ready. I have excepted that the panic will not dissipate until I arrive and settle into my new life in New Zealand, that my pro-packing was more shear force of will than professional, and that my cats don't nearly like me as much as I like them.